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Every student who walks through the halls of Chapman University is a leader their own right. The Campus Leadership Awards recognize outstanding achievement by students and organizations within the Chapman community. We encourage members of our community who are nominating students or determining award winners to consider the Social Change Model of Leadership, which defines leadership as a process rather than a position. The Campus Leadership Awards celebrate students who are role models on our campus, regardless of whether or not they hold formal leadership positions. These awards are designed to promote the values of determination, self-knowledge, collaboration, equity, social justice, citizenship, service, and approaching conflict with civility.


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Leadership Awards Recipients stand next to Dean Price

The Campus Leadership Awards were created by the Dean of Students Office to recognize outstanding student accomplishments within the Chapman community. The goal is to highlight all the incredible achievements of the Chapman students and create a long-standing tradition of celebrating success.

Learn about this year's awards winners on our awards recipients page.


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Club and Organization Awards

Several students in a student club pose for a photo in the Attallah PiazzaThe Club and Organization Awards acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding work and accomplishment of our over 100+ organizations on campus. These awards recognize excellence in student club and organization impact on and off campus.

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For more information, send an email to leadershipawards@chapman.edu.