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Exploratory Majors for Undeclared Students

» Exploratory Majors for Undeclared Students

The goal for Undeclared students is to explore academic options until you find the right one for you. At Chapman, we help you through this process with our Exploratory Majors program for first-year students.

There are three key steps for you to take in this program:

  • Select an Exploratory Pathway: We offer several broad, academic pathways that will help you learn more about and take classes in a subject area you are interested in.
  • Take part in our Atlas Early Arrival Program (Saturday, August 17-Monday, August 19, 2024): This is pre-Orientation programming exclusively for Exploratory Programs participants.
    • You will join other incoming students to prepare for your first semester and Undeclared experience.
    • Additionally, you will be able to move into campus housing early. You will be housed with other Exploratory Pathways participants in an Atlas Living-Learning Community. (You can learn more about Living-Learning Communities here.)
  • Register for University 101 your first semester. University 101 is a 1-credit course (one 50-minute class a week).
    • In the class, you will learn more about being a successful college student and be introduced to different majors at Chapman and how they connect to careers.
Faith Nguyen '26
Undeclared to Economics major with minor in Music Business
Faith explored her different interests through the Exploratory Major Program and found her passion in economics. She then combined it with a minor in Music Business to pursue her dream career in the entertainment industry.

Selecting an Exploratory Pathway

On the Exploratory Pathways Form you will select an Exploratory Pathway from the list below that aligns with your academic and career interests.

We will use your selection to block schedule you into a select number (2-4) of courses for your first semester at Chapman.

  • Arts & Entertainment Pathway
    • Related majors: Animation & Visual Effects, Creative Writing, Dance, Film & Media Studies, Graphic Design, Music, Theatre
    • Potential careers: archivist, casting director, composer, editor, historian, journalist, media consultant, musician, producer, project manager, screenwriter, talent manager
  • Business, Industry & Public Relations Pathway
    • Related majors: Accounting, Communication Studies, Economics, Advertising, Public Relations & Entertainment Marketing
    • Potential careers: accounting manager, business management, copywriter, economist, financial analyst, public relations specialist, real estate broker
  • Education, Nonprofit, Government & Humanities Pathway
    • Related majors: Art History, English, History, Integrated Educational Studies, Peace Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology
    • Potential careers: elected official, fundraising, government organization (DOJ, FBI, FDA, VA, etc.) human resources, lawyer, public relations, school counselor, teacher
  • STEM: Biology, Chemistry & Health Sciences Pathway
    • Related majors: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Health Sciences, Environmental Science & Policy, Physics
    • Potential careers: biochemist, laboratory researcher, medical assistant, physician
  • STEM: Computer Science & Engineering Pathway
    • Related majors: Computer Science, Data Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Software Engineering
    • Potential careers: engineer (computer, electrical, software, etc.), statistician

In addition, you may be able to create a custom pathway outside of the options above. If would would like to explore that option, select "Discuss option for custom pathway."

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