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Language Planning Form

» Language Planning Form

The Language Planning Form should be completed by any incoming first-year student, ideally before registering for classes. Transfer students who have not fulfilled their language requirement should also complete the form.

At Chapman, you are required to take language classes as part of your General Education requirements. But if you already speak, read and write in a language besides English, you can try to:

  • Waive out of your language requirement through one of the following:
    • Course credit granted by passing AP/IB exam scores or college credit at 201 level or higher. (View required AP scores and IB scores.)
    • Completing all years at a four-year (or local equivalent) high school abroad in a non-English speaking country, in a non-English language high school.
    • Pass a Language Proficiency Exam that demonstrates fluency in a language other than English.
  • Place in a higher-level language class (above beginner level) through one of the options below. This would lower the number of language classes you take at Chapman:
    • Taking an online Language Placement Exam. This is recommended for anyone continuing in a language from high school. The Language Placement Exams will place you in the appropriate level of language class (101, 102 or 201) based on your abilities. 
    • Course credit granted by passing AP/IB exam scores or college credit at 101 or 102 level. (View required AP scores and IB scores.)

You can learn more on our Language Exams page. Once you have a good idea of how you plan to satisfy the language requirement, please submit the Language Planning Form below. This will help us best support you through the academic advising process.


Disability Accommodations

For accommodations on your exam, email Disability Services at DS@chapman.edu and let us know which exam you’re taking and what accommodations you need.