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The official university catalog is the primary resource for students who are considering changing their major or minor and should be reviewed for critical information on degree requirements.

To change a major or minor, students must submit a Change of Program eForm in their Student Center. You may also use this eForm to declare a themed inquiry. All change of major requests require approval from the new major's department chair, and some require an additional application process. Some changes of minor requests require department approval as well. Please see the Academic Advising Change or Add Majors and Minors page for details.

The Change of Program eForm is only available for students in the 2017-18 and later catalog years. Students in catalog years prior to 2017-18 should email aps@chapman.edu for assistance with program changes.

Students may request to move their catalog year forward by emailing aps@chapman.edu with the desired catalog year. Please note that changing catalog years updates all requirements, including major, minor, and GE. 

The student's catalog year can be found on the program evaluation. To access the program evaluation, log in to the Student Center and select "Program Evaluation" from the drop-down menu.

Change of Program eForms are accepted and processed by the Office of the University Registrar throughout the year except during registration periods in November and April.  Any forms submitted later than one week prior to the first day of scheduled registration appointments in November or April will not be processed until the conclusion of the two-week registration period. Operationally, this means that none of the following changes to student academic records will be made during registration appointments:

  • Addition of a major, minor, or themed inquiry
  • Change of an existing major, minor, or themed inquiry
  • Change of a declared Area of Study, Emphasis, or Concentration

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