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The official university catalog is the primary resource for students who are considering changing their major or minor and should be reviewed for critical information on degree requirements.

To submit a request to change majors or minors, students should use the Change of Major/Minor Forms on the Registrar's website to ensure they are selecting the form tailored to their own catalog year. All change of major requests will require approval from the new major department chair, while only some change of minor requests will require approval, which are indicated on the form.

To obtain approval, students should send the completed forms directly to the Academic Departments. For information on which major or minor require additional application process, link to Academic Advising's page, Change or Add Major and Minors.

If the request is approved, the department faculty or staff will send the completed form to the University Registrar's email: aps@chapman.edu, with the statement in the email that the student was admitted to the major or minor. The Academic Department submitting the form will copy the student on their Panther email.

For the safety of our students, faculty and staff during COVID-19, university services are being conducted remotely at this time. Change of Major/Minor Forms to be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar can be sent via Panther mail to aps@chapman.edu.

Printed and signed forms may be faxed to (714) 628-2707.

It is recommended that these forms be opened in Chrome or Microsoft Edge. If using Firefox or Safari, please download and save the form before editing. 

Chapman University “Change of Major/Minor Forms” are accepted and processed by the Office of the University Registrar throughout the year except during registration periods in November and April.  Any forms submitted later than one week prior to the first day of scheduled registration appointments in November or April will not be processed until the conclusion of the two-week registration period. Operationally, this means that none of the following changes to student academic records will be made during registration appointments:

  • Change of existing major or minor program
  • Addition of a major or minor program
  • Change of a declared Area of Study
  • Change of a declared Emphasis
  • Change of a declared Concentration

For program changes associated with a Catalog prior to 2013, please email aps@chapman.edu for more information.

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