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Spring First-Year Enrollment Checklist

» First-Year Enrollment Checklist: Spring 2024

This checklist is for those entering Chapman as a first-year student in the spring term. Review the list of items below to be sure you are on track to begin your spring semester. 

Enrollment Timeline

Follow this timeline to keep track of the required steps you need to take before your first day of class. Each step is labeled "required," "optional" or "if applicable."

  • Required: you must complete this step. Pay extra attention to required steps.
  • Optional: you do not have to complete this step, but can if you want to/if it applies to you.
  • If applicable: This step is required for some incoming students.

August 2023

Complete Fall Plans Form (If applicable)
  • If you originally applied for fall and were admitted to spring, you will be contacted to complete an online form. The form will ask your plans for the fall, including if you are enrolled in coursework.
  • Contact admit@chapman.edu with any questions.

Submit official SAT/ACT scores (If applicable)


December 2023

Submit Housing Reservation Payment (Required)

  • Due: December 1
  • Your Housing Reservation Payment is your deposit on housing at Chapman. Submitting it by the due date will give you priority consideration for housing.
  • The Housing Reservation Payment is $500.
  • Submit your Housing Reservation Payment through your Application Status page.
  • If you are looking to live off campus with a relative, you must complete a Housing Petition Form, which is also available in your Application Status Page.
  • Contact reslife@chapman.edu with any questions.

Submit housing application (Required)

Submit final transcripts (Required)

  • Due: As soon as available
  • As soon as your final high school transcripts are available, have your high school send them to us. Usually this is done through a request to your high school counselor. Ask your high school counselor to send yours electronically, by email to admtranscript@chapman.edu or physically to the Office of Admission.
  • Also submit college transcripts if you took any college classes.
  • Final transcripts must include all final grades and proof of completion.
  • Contact admit@chapman.edu with any questions.

Submit AP/IB exam results (Optional)

Complete Academic Advising (Required)

  • Due: mid-December (we will email you with exact deadlines)
  • All incoming Chapman students must complete an academic advising requirement. You can’t register for classes until you’ve completed the requirement.
  • Academic advising opens late in the fall. We will send you more information and instructions via email, so keep an eye on your inbox in December.
  • Contact advising@chapman.edu with any questions.

Complete Math Assessment (Required)

  • Due: mid-December (we will email you with exact deadlines)
  • In addition to your academic advising (see above), you must also take a Math Assessment. The Math Assessment will help determine which math class(es) you need to take at Chapman.
  • We will send you more information and instructions via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.
  • Contact mathadvising@chapman.edu with any questions.

Take language exam (Optional)

  • Due: mid-December
  • At Chapman, you are required to take a language class as part of your General Education requirements. However, if you already know a language other than English, you can attempt to test higher in the language sequence via a placement exam, or if you are fluent, test out of your language requirement completely via a proficiency exam. For more information and instructions, see our Language Exams page.
  • When you know what your plans are for completing or waiving your language requirement are, we ask that you complete our Language Planning Form.
  • Contact placementexams@chapman.edu with any questions.

Pay your tuition (Required)

Register for classes (Required)

  • Due: December
  • In December, class registration will open. Each person has their own specific registration date and time. You can find your registration date and time in your Student Center.
  • Once your registration date and time arrive, log in to your Student Center to pick and register for your classes.
  • To be a full-time student, you must register for at least 12 credits.
  • Contact advising@chapman.edu with any questions.


January 2023

Register for Orientation (Required)

  • Due: TBA
  • All incoming Chapman students attend Orientation. Parents and families are also welcome to attend.
  • The link to register for Orientation will be added here when it is available.
  • For the most up-to-date information about Orientation, see our Orientation website.
  • Contact orientation@chapman.edu with any questions.

Submit student ID photo (Required)

  • Due: January 15
  • Submit a recent photo to be used for your Chapman University student identification card.
  • Learn more and upload your photo through our New Student ID Cards page.

Register for a parking permit (Optional)

  • Due: By the start of the semester (Monday, January 29)
  • If you bring a vehicle to campus, you need a permit. Permits are free but mandatory.
  • To register for a virtual parking permit, go to our Parking Portal.
  • For parking policies and more information, see our Parking Permit page.
  • Contact parking@chapman.edu with any questions.

Complete Tuition and Fee Master Payment Contract (Required)

  • Due: By the start of the semester (Monday, January 29)
  • The Tuition and Fee Master Payment Contract informs Chapman University of who is responsible for payment of your tuition and fees. It also provides you with important information regarding university records, payment options, late fees, tuition refund policy and more.
  • The student is required to submit the contract at the start of every academic year
  • Students can review and submit the contract via their Student Center eForms tile.
  • Contact ocbusn@chapman.edu with any questions.

Create Medical Portal and complete to-do items (Required)

  • Due: By the start of the semester (Monday, January 29)
  • Visit our Student Medical Portal page for more information on creating your account.
  • You should complete to-do items before you can register for classes.
  • Contact studenthealth@chapman.edu with any questions.

Submit proof of health insurance (Required)

Key Dates and Deadlines

  • Friday, December 1: Housing Reservation Payment due for first-year students.
  • Friday, December 1: Housing Application due for first-year students. You can learn more about applying for first-year housing here.
  • December: Spring course registration opens. Incoming students will be assigned a specific date and time when their course registration opens. Those dates/times will be available in your Student Center in November.
  • December: Fall semester billing statement sent. You will receive an email notification (sent to your Chapman email account) when your billing statement is available.
  • Wednesday, December 20: Tuition and Fees Payment Due. For more information on making a payment, visit our Making a Payment page.
  • Mid-January: Housing Notification email sent to your Chapman email account. The email will provide your housing assignment, roommates' name(s) and contact information.
  • January (Date TBD): First-year student move-in day. You can learn more about the process and what to bring on our Move-in page. 
  • Monday, January 29: First day of class. You can be sure you are ready with our tips for preparing for your first day of class.
  • Monday, January 29: Tuition and Fees Master Payment Contract due. Students can review and submit the contract via their Student Center eForms tile.


parent-involvement.jpgFor Parents: Assisting Your Student

It is important that your student learn how to navigate the university independently. However, in some cases they may need some help. 

Our Office of Parent and Family Engagement put together some steps for you to be able to assist if needed. You learn more on the Parent Involvement website.



Contact Us

If you have questions about your first semester, you can use our contact form to be sure you get in touch.

Office of Admission Mailing Address

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