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There are many opportunities for students to actively participate in the residential experience at Chapman. To become involved in any of the following opportunities, please contact us.

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Resident Advisor (RA)

RAs are vital members of the Residence Life & First Year Experience team. They are responsible for the development of both the individual students and the residential community in which they live. RAs provide programs and resources to support student success beyond the classroom and to ensure students feel safe and comfortable in their residence. RAs are full-time students who are in their third semester or beyond and have at least a sophomore student status. RAs are selected in March for the following year.

RA Position Description

Fenestra Community Coordinator (FCC)

Fenestra Community Coordinator (FCCs) will be an integral part of the Residence Life and First Year Experience staff working on creating a larger connection between the college community and the residence life community, to facilitate strong living learning communities. The FCCs primary area of focus will be supporting the learning side of the Fenestra living learning communities followed by programming efforts and administrative tasks to support this larger goal. FCCs are selected in March for the following year.

Community Council

The Community Councils are resident-sponsored leadership opportunities within the residential communities. Volunteers on the councils are primarily responsible for building hall pride by working alongside RAs and Residence Life and First Year Experience professional staff to coordinate programs, address resident concerns and provide students a voice within their hall. This is an easy and fun way to share your ideas and have an impact in your residential community!

Office Assistant (OA)

The main Residence Life and First Year Experience office, as well as each residence hall, are staffed by students who have Federal Work-Study awards. Office Assistants' responsibilities include answering phones, filing and providing strong customer service to students and their families. OAs learn basic administrative and customer relations skills while connecting with other OAs, RAs and on campus residents.

Program Support Assistant (PSA)

The Office of Residence Life and First Year Experience employs several Program Support Assistants to help with the programs around the residential communities. Job responsibilities usually include gathering A/V equipment from the main office, setting up the equipment, being present to troubleshoot throughout the program and provide support through out the residential programming process. On average, Program Support Assistants work 2-6 hours a week.

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