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Interim and Supportive Measures for Students
Title IX

» Supportive Measures

Supportive Measures are non-disciplinary, non-punitive individualized services offered as appropriate, as reasonably available, and without fee or charge to students impacted by an incident (such as complainants, respondents, and witnesses) that might fall under the sexual misconduct policies, regardless of whether a formal complaint is filed. Such measures are designed to restore or preserve equal access to the University’s education program or activity without unreasonably burdening the other party, including measures designed to protect the safety of all parties or the University’s educational environment, or deter sexual harassment. 

Supportive measures may include counseling, extensions of deadlines or other course-related adjustments, modifications of work or class schedules, campus escort services, restrictions on contact between the parties, changes in work or housing locations, leaves of absence, increased security and monitoring of certain areas of the campus, and other similar measures. Supportive measures may also include written notification about available services both within the institution and the community and options for available assistance as required by the Clery Act. 

Types of Supportive Measures for Students

The University shall provide, without fee or charge, supportive measures (temporary and/or ongoing) as reasonably available. These measures may not unduly burden a respondent. Students who are complainants, respondents, and witnesses may make requests for supportive measures to the Title IX Coordinator or investigator(s) (if applicable), who will help identify all available options and determine which measures to take to support the student.

Supportive measures are available regardless of whether or not the Complainant chooses to report full details (such as the name of the Respondent) to the University or to law enforcement or file a formal complaint with the University. Supportive measures shall be confidential, to the extent that maintaining confidentiality does not impair the University’s ability to provide such measures.

When a student or employee reports to the University that they have experienced conduct prohibited by this policy, whether the incident(s) occurred on or off campus, the University shall provide the individual with written information about resources and options. The University shall also provide the individual with written notification of health and mental health resources as well as other referrals or services as requested and available both on and off campus.

Please note: Supportive measures may differ for faculty and staff. For more information, please contact the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office.

Supportive measures for students include, but are not limited to, the following options:

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