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What is Academic Probation?

Any student whose term or cumulative GPA at Chapman drops below 2.00 will be placed on academic probation. 

Students on academic probation are required to meet with their academic advisor to review their grades, and develop a probation agreement which may include repeating courses, tutoring, academic mentoring, and regular meetings with an advisor.  Students on academic probation may enroll in no more than 14 or 16 semester credits each term they are on probation (credit totals depend on their cumulative GPA).

For students placed on academic probation following the SPRING 2023 semester, the link to schedule your probation appointment with your assigned academic advisor will be available as of July 21st. Appointment availability begins Tuesday, August 1st through Friday, September 8th. 

If you are subject to academic dismissal, please see the ACADEMIC DISMISSAL section below to schedule your appointment. If you are a dismissal student and schedule a probation appointment, your appointment will be cancelled.

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How to schedule a Probation Advising Appointment?

  1. Review the AAC appointment policies listed below. 
  2. Note that appointments open 7 days in advance. If there are no appointments available when you first look, check back the next morning.
  3. Log into your Microsoft Outlook (Chapman email account at https://outlook.office.com/). Our scheduling system only allows access to authenticated users within the Chapman organization.
  4. Select In-person appointment or Virtual appointment (appointment availability begins Augus 1st) and click “Probation Advising Appointment.” Please be sure to select the correct appointment type. Otherwise, your appointment will be canceled.
  5. On the right side of the calendar, select your assigned academic advisor that emailed you recently regarding your academic probation status. Please be sure to select your assigned academic advisor. Otherwise, your appointment will be canceled and you will be asked to reschedule.
  6. Select the time slot that works with your schedule. Please take note of your class schedule and other obligations before selecting your time. 
  7. Scroll down to input your information and select the “book” button to complete your scheduled appointment. You should receive a confirmation email and the meeting link within an hour of scheduling. If you do not, please email advising@chapman.edu.

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What is Academic Dismissal?

A student is subject to academic dismissal from Chapman University if the student’s cumulative GPA at Chapman remains below a 2.000 for two consecutive semesters or the student’s term GPA falls below 2.000 for two consecutive semesters and their cumulative GPA falls below 2.700.

Students up for academic dismissal or students that have been dismissed and are seeking to return to Chapman University should meet with the Academic Advising Center’s dismissal advisor. 

Students subject to academic dismissal following the SPRING 2023 semester will soon be contacted directly by the Registrar's Office. The link to schedule with our Dismissal Advisor is available below.

Please review the info below on how to schedule your Dismissal appointment.

NOTE: Dismissal appointments are for students who are currently subject to academic dismissal. It is not a probation appointment. If you are on probation and schedule a Dismissal appointment your meeting will be canceled. 

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Academic Probation FAQ

Have additional questions about being on academic probation? Review our frequently asked questions.
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Academic Probation Resources

You can utilize any of these resources to support you.