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Hannah Hong

Director of Justice
Class of 2019
Hannah is a Political Science major with a Minor in Law, Justice and Social Control.
Hannah is currently an academic mentor on campus and the Director of Events for Chapman’s PreLaw Society.
"As a member of the Review Board last year, I got a taste of what it was like to be part of the SGA’s Judicial Branch. It was so interesting to analyze the rules that govern the way our student government works and operates. This year I am looking forward to taking it one step further as Director of Justice. I am excited to help SGA achieve all their goals while staying consistent with what is outlined in our operating documents and the SGA constitution. Moreover, I am honored to be a part of a group that strives to represent our student body to fight for common goals. I believe that while the Judicial Branch is the quieter section of SGA, it carries an important role in ensuring that SGA remains representative of the student body and consistent with the guidelines that it is bound to. I am happy to help where needed to help create a better Chapman for the student body."
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Esther Chang

Review Board Committee
Esther is a sophomore majoring in psychology and minoring in IES.
Chang was the Vice President of Recruitment for her musical department.
"I wanted to join the SGA Review Board to help solve issues that occur on campus. By doing so, I hope to make Chapman University even better it already is."
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Sana Datar

Review Board Committee
Sana Datar is a senior Health Science major and political science minor. She is also part of the four plus one masters program pursuing an MS in Health and Strategic Communication.
Datar is currently apart of Chapman Pre-Law Society and sorority, Pi Beta Phi.
"I was inspired to apply to be a part of the review board by my position as the Leadership and Nominating Committee Chair in my sorority. This position allowed me to exemplify my leadership and critical thinking skills while remaining unbiased when making decisions. I feel that the SGA review board has a similar set of values and principles that I can contribute to with an open mind and impartial, critical thinking."
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Michael Garcia

Review Board Committee
Michael Garcia is a current senior Business Administration Major with a finance emphasis, minoring in Leadership studies.
Michael is a part of CARES, the B+ organization, Chapman Men's Water Polo Team, Chapman NLS, and the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.
"I believe I am qualified for the role of being a member of the review board because of the numerous different leadership positions I have had in many of these organizations, bring along with me perspective and experience that could be for the SGA review board."
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Michael Liu

Review Board Committee
Matthew Liu is a current sophomore history major.
"As a member of the Review Board, I am excited to meet new people and make a positive difference at Chapman University. I am looking forward to providing a representative voice to address the needs ,wishes, and problems of SGA as well as the aggregate student body. I am confident that I will do right by SGA and address all of its constitutional needs."
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Matthew Park

Review Board Committee
Matthew Park is a junior transfer student majoring in communication studies.
"One of the main reasons why I wanted to join the Review Board is because I wanted to make an impact here at Chapman. The Review Board specifically appealed to me because. I want to contribute in the decision making process for SGA."