» Student Government Association Initiatives

SGA seeks to create a better Chapman experience for students through advocacy. Over the past five years, senators have worked tirelessly to make changes that better the student body as a whole. Below are just a few of the big advocacies SGA has completed, including details about each project.

+ - Smoke-Free Campus

In the fall of 2015, senator Henry Callander and SGA president Josh Nudelman worked to make Chapman a smoke-free campus. After approval from the administration, Chapman Univeristy became a smoke-free campus on Febuary 1, 2016.

+ - Laptops-To-Go

In the spring of 2016, senator Mia Baybayan worked to get a free laptop rental kiosk in the Argyros Forum Union. The kiosk features six Dell PCs and six Macbook Pros which can be rented using a student ID card for up to three hours at a time. SGA funded around 30,000 dollars of the 50,000 dollar project.

+ - Water Refilling Stations

In 2011, SGA saw a need for waterbottle refilling stations on campus, to encourage the use of reusable waterbottles by the Chapman community. Since 2011, SGA has funded numerous stations in order to ensure there is one easily available in all areas of campus

+ - Fall Break Extension

In 2013, Faculty Senate proposed to increase the three-day fall break to an entire week off during Thanksigiving. SGA senators approved a proposal to extend Thanksgiving break to be a week long, which was implemented in 2014.