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Our Mission

The Chapman University Government Association is dedicated to making positive change on Chapman’s campus. SGA’s job is to advocate for students' needs and concerns to improve every aspect of the college experience. As an organization, we are always looking for student input and opinions. We encourage you to come into our open Senate meetings every Friday from 1:00-3:00pm


SGA is comprised of an Executive Council, 16 Senators, and a Judicial Branch. Click on the tabs below to learn more about each position.


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Executive Council

President: Responsible for working with other members of the SGA Executive Council and Senate to coordinate their activities and philosophies, appointing all non-elected members, in conjunction with the Vice President, to be approved by the Senate, serving as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Senate and SGA committees, working as a liaison with the University community at large, including the University administration, proposing legislation and activities to the Senate, appointing and dismissing SGA executive committees and chairpersons at his/her/their discretion, being ultimately responsible, in conjunction with the Director of Finance, for all SGA funds, reviewing all check requests, as submitted by the Director of Finance, and to sign check requests if approval is given, reporting to the Senate on a monthly basis on his/her/their activities, goals, and progress of the Executive Branch. They are ultimately responsible for the welfare of SGA.

Vice President: Responsible for appointing non-elected members to be approved by Senate, calling and presiding over sessions of the Senate and to be responsible for the content of the Senate agenda, in conjunction with the Speaker of the Senate at each session, serving as an ex-officio member of the Senate, working as a liaison with the University community at large, in conjunction with the president, proposing legislation and activities to the Senate, in conjunction with the president, enforcing the Senate expectations listed in the SGA governing documents, acting as a liaison between Senate and the SGA Executive Council, and notifying in writing the Senate and the SGA Executive Council of all Senate sessions and all relevant internal SGA and Senate matters.

Director of Public Relations: Responsible for creating advertisements for SGA activities and initiatives, updating and maintain the SGA Website, creating content for and managing the Chapman SGA Facebook page and Instagram feed, maintaining relationships with various media on campus, attending special events, community forums, seminars, Chapman SGA Senate meetings and retreats, and working with the Director of Elections in planning for upcoming elections.

Director of Finance: Responsible for the budgeting and recording of all monies of the three branches of SGA, advising the Executive Council and Senate on all financial matters relating to SGA funds and spending decisions, attending Allocation Committee meetings weekly and act as a non-voting, ex-officio member, making short and long term financial forecasting for SGA, monitoring and process all SGA financial transactions and check requests, making computerized financial analyses of current year’s accounts, performing monthly reconciliation of all SGA funds, making regular financial reports to Senate and providing information and advice to student organizations and on-campus departments on how to properly and efficiently utilize funding.

Director of Elections: Responsible for coordinating the election, presiding over the Election Committee, and overseeing election procedures, announcing and promoting the election to the student body in a timely fashion with the assistance of the Director of PR, recruiting, nominating and training all Election Committee members, chairing Election Committee meetings at least once during the campaign and election period, establishing the General Elections calendar for fall and spring elections, release the Candidate Packets in accordance with the demands of the election timeline, serving as the chairperson when deciding upon appropriate sanctions if a candidate has violated the Election Code, ensuring that publicity of the election and education on how to vote is provided and available to students, promoting SGA Elections through the use of the allocated budget, issuing appropriate widespread campus announcements prior to the opening of the filing period for any elections, establishing a calendar of elections for the school year and remaining impartial during any SGA election.

Meet the current executive council


Speaker of Senate: The Speaker's role is to fulfill all of the duties of a Student Government Senator in such a manner that he/she/they serves as a role model for fellow Senators. They are responsible for calling and presiding over sessions of the Senate and for the content of the Senate agenda at each session, they serve as Parliamentarian of the Senate, should any questions of parliamentary procedure arise, hold an additional four office hours per week during the academic year and must monitor the Senate portion of the SGA website.

Committee Chairs: Responsible for holding a weekly committee meeting, presenting a weekly committee report during regularly scheduled Senate meetings, holding an additional two office hours per week, monitoring Senators in their committee, and for overseeing the creation of a semester report of the committee’s progress and accomplishments.

Senators: Responsible for attending all regularly scheduled SGA meetings and all scheduled SGA events, serving on at least one assigned Senate committee and on one assigned Faculty Senate committee, attending at least two University town halls, maintaining one regularly scheduled office hour per week, address a line of advocacy work relevant to their constituency, maintaining a professional appearance at all scheduled SGA meetings, SGA events, Faculty Senate committee or outside appointments, and University town halls, maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 2.75, and must comply with the Student Conduct Code throughout the term

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Judicial Branch

Director of Justice: Responsible for serving as head of the SGA Review Board which will hear all SGA related cases, interpreting and enforcing all SGA governing documents and job descriptions, chairing all meetings of the SGA Review Board, holding Review Board meetings as required by the governing documents or as necessary to resolve conflicts within SGA, ensuring that all actions taken by the respective branches of SGA are consistent with the SGA governing documents and acting as an ex-officio member of the constitution review committee.

  • Our Justice Review Board serves to support the Director of Justice as the body that votes on any and all decisions referred to the Judicial Branch

Operating Documents

Operating documents are the rules in which SGA follows. They explain the structure and responsibilities of all members of SGA and are the basis of how the organization runs. The operating documents are constantly being reviewed and revised to better serve the student body and SGA. Proposals to amend or change the constitution can be brought up at any time by all senators and members of the executive council, however, they will not be implemented until proper voting by the student body takes place. 

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Types of Documents

  • Constitution
  • By-Laws
  • Election Code
  • Election Processes
  • Senate Operating Procedures
  • Executive Operating Procedures
  • Allocations Operating Procedures
  • Media Guide
  • SGA Values and Ethics Code

View the SGA operating documents page


Ever wonder why all undergraduate students at Chapman University pay a student activities fee? It helps provide services for students, such as programming done by UPB, or projects worked on by the Student Government Association. SGA funds clubs and organizations, campus departments, and undergraduate students. We also use our budget to fund projects that enrich the Chapman experience, such as the Laptops-to-Go machine in the union or adding more water bottle refilling stations. 

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SGA funds clubs and organizations, campus departments, and undergraduate students. To receive funding, you must go through an application process. 

For more information, visit how to apply for SGA funding.