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How do I receive my monthly statement?

Chapman University uses an electronic billing system, eBill/TouchNet, that allows you and anyone you have authorized to access your student account and eBill statements online. Chapman University does not send paper statements.

Each month, an eBill will be generated for all students who have activity of any kind on their student account. Students and authorized users (if applicable) will be sent a notification via-email each month informing them that a new monthly billing statement is available to view.

When and how will I be notified of my tuition bill/eStatement, and who do I contact for further assistance with billing questions?

  • Tuition bills cannot be generated until a student is registered for classes. Students who register during the priority registration period can expect their Fall bills to be generated June 30, Spring bills November 30, and Summer April 30. Students registering after those billing dates will not be billed until the end of the month during which they enroll and should check immediately with the Business Office for payment details.
  • Parents and other responsible parties will not receive notices or have access to eBills unless the student sets them up as a Panther Partner Authorized User on the eBill website.
  • The eBill, or statement (includes students transactions through the end of each month) will report the activity from the most recent month, report any pending financial aid, and calculate the balance due. To access this information, click on My Account on the menu bar and select statements when on the ePay website.
  • View Account Activity reports all historical activity as well as real-time transactions on the student account. To access this information, click on My Account on the menu bar and select Current Activity when in the ePay website.
  • A variety of charges and credits make up your student statement. The Business Office compiles multiple sources of information (from Chapman University departments), such as fees, waivers, approved financial aid and charges generated at the time of registration to create a monthly eBill. If you have questions regarding your eBill, contact the Business Office.

Please note that the Business Office makes every effort to answer questions received but may have to refer you to another department to resolve your inquiry.

When is my tuition due, and does Chapman University offer a payment plan?

See Tuition Payment Options to view when tuition will be due and Chapman University's payment plan option.

Why do I have a late fee?

If payment-in full is not received by the due date for that semester, the account will be subject to a late fee of $100 each month the balance remains.

Why am I being charged Interterm?

Interterm waiver is applied up to 4 units for undergrad students only when a student is enrolled in 12 units or more in the Fall and 12 units or more in the Spring. Waitlisted courses are not considered enrolled units.

How do I set up a Panther Partner Authorize User to view and make payments on my Student Account?

Where and how are tuition payments made?

The preferred methods of payment are via ePay, the secure online payment gateway offered through our online billing service, or by wire transfer.

Wire transfer information is on the Student Business Services page under Making a Payment.

Payment can be submitted in person at the Cashier’s Office in the Bhathal Student Services building or by mail to:  Chapman University
Cashier’s Office
One University Drive
Orange, CA 92866

If mailing a payment please include your student ID number on your check or money order you mail to the Cashier's Office.

Accepted forms of payment are cash and checks or money orders payable to Chapman University. Credit cards are not accepted for tuition payments but can be used to purchase commuter meal plans, establish declining balance accounts, pay for transcripts, replacement ID cards, etc. Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards are accepted.

Why do I have a hold on my records?

A hold can be placed on your records by departments to ensure that the student complies with a university or federal regulation. A hold can prevent a student from registering for a future term or obtaining a diploma or other university services. You can view your holds in If you have a hold, please contact the department(s) for further assistance.

  • Academic Advising – usually regarding an academic requirement.
  • Student Health Services – usually for missing health records.
  • Financial Aid Office – usually for failure to complete the exit interview required of students who received federal loans while in attendance.
  • Dean’s Office – usually for failure to resolve conduct issues.
  • Business Office – can be for missing forms (Tuition and Fee Master Payment Contract) past due payments, expected financial aid not received, excessive fines, etc.

What is the Tuition and Fee Master Payment Contract?

The Tuition and Fee Master Payment Contract is required of all students and notifies students and responsible parties of their rights and responsibilities regarding the tuition account.

How is my Financial Aid disbursed?

Student loans, grants and most scholarships are disbursed within the first two weeks of the semester if the student meets all eligibility criteria (i.e. enrolled in the correct number and/or type of units) and has completed all required paperwork to secure these funds. PELL and CAL Grants are not disbursed until after the end of the second week. Students expecting a refund can come to the Business Office to charge commuter meal plans, declining balance deposits, and purchases from the Bookstore (go to the Bookstore first to determine how much you need) against the pending credit prior to receipt of the aid if the aid can be confirmed. After the aid is applied to your tuition account you can request a refund of any credit balance.

Why is pending Financial Aid not showing on my bill?

  • If you have not submitted the documents requested by Financial Aid, your funding is in verification and will not appear on your bill. Contact the Financial Aid Office.

My Financial Aid has not posted to my account or doesn't match my award letter:

  • If your funding is in verification, it will not post to your account until outstanding documents have been submitted to the Financial Aid Office.
  • Work study is not scholarship/grant or loan and will not post to your student account. It is money earned through the Payroll department by working on campus.
  • PELL and CAL Grants will not post until the third week of the semester, if you meet the minimum requirements.
  • Subsidized, Unsubsidized and PLUS Direct Loans will fund for less that the amounts appearing on the award letter because of the origination fee retained by the lender.
  • Financial Aid can revise your award at any point during the year due to changes in your status or verification. if you notice a change in scholarships/amounts awarded, check with the Financial Aid Office.

Why is my Financial Aid being held due to missing internship or independent study course?

Once your Faculty Internship Advisor has approved your internship application, Chapman's Career and Professional Development internship coordination will review your application. Once it is approved, you will receive an automatic email, and it will take 3-5 business days for the Registrar to officially register you in the internship course. Please check My Chapman to verify whether you have been registered in your course within that timeframe. This is how you will receive credits/units needed for tuition billing and Financial Aid award purposes.

How and when will a refund be disbursed to me, if I have a credit balance? How do I know my funds are available for refund?

To see if your funds are available, log into and select 'Access ePay' under the Finance Section. On the next page, if the amount has a minus (-) sign, check with the Business Office to request your refund.

Refunds can be requested with the Business Office in person or by emailing your Student Account Advisor from your Chapman email address.

If the refund is caused by the PLUS loan, parent permission to release the credit balance to the student is required. Please click on the link to download the Parent Plus authorization release form.

If a refund has been issued and new charges are later added, it is the responsibility of the student to make sure payment is made.

Where do I find information regarding a 1098-T?

For information regarding a 1098-T, please visit our 1098-T webpage.

What types of charges are reflected on the student account?

Most charges that a student incurs on campus will be reflected on the student account.

These charges include but are not limited to:

  • Tuition
  • Parking Fee
  • Health Center Fee
  • Chapman Residence Hall or Apartment
  • Meal Plan
  • Course/Lab Fees
  • Health Insurance- Optional
  • Student Activities Fee

Fines owed to the Library or Film/TV Gold Room are charged to the tuition account if not paid to the respective department upon notice.

Please note that the bookstore is a separate entity. Therefore, charges for textbooks will not be applied to the student account.

Why am I charged for parking, if I don't have a vehicle or don't plan to park on campus?

Parking on city streets and in neighborhoods can result in a parking citation. If you do not have a vehicle, walk or use public transportation, you can apply for/renew a parking waiver by the end of the third week of the Fall semester. Log into parking service portal and select Vehicle Registration to complete the waiver request.

What is the Chapman University Tuition Withdrawal Policy?

The date of withdrawal for purposes of tuition credit shall be the date on which the class was dropped through the Student Center or at the Registrar’s Office. Students who register, but do not attend classes, will not receive a tuition credit unless they officially withdraw by the posted deadlines. Tuition deposits are not refundable. Click here for the refund schedule. Students who receive federal financial aid are subject to a pro-rated return of federal funds if they withdraw before completing 60% of the semester. The return of federal funds may result in a balance owing to Chapman from the student.

Why do I still have a balance due?

The deadlines to drop a class (so that it doesn't appear on your transcript) and withdraw from a class are academic deadlines and do not affect the refund policy.

Where can I get a commuter meal plan?

Commuter meal plans are purchased with the Cashier in the Bhathal Student Services Building using cash, check, credit card or money order, online by clicking the Commuter Meal Plan link or can be charged against student account credit balances. All commuter meal plans are non-refundable and expire at the end of the Spring semester each year.

What is a declining balance account?

The declining balance account is established by submitting payment to the Cashier’s Office, transferring funds from a credit balance on the student account or adding funds online through the eAccounts portal. The funds are accessed using your Chapman University student ID card and can be used in the Bookstore, for laundry, print credits, library fines and at on campus dining establishments. Declining balance accounts never expire and unused funds are refundable.

My account has a Business Office Collections hold, what does that mean?

A collections hold means that you still have an unpaid balance with the University. Please contact our Collections Office for further assistance.

  • Email:
    • Please include your name, Chapman-ID, and use your Chapman email.
  • Fax: (714) 744-7995
    • Please include your name, Chapman-ID, and your Chapman email.
  • Phone: (714) 997-6649
  • In person:
    • University Collections
      Bhathal Student Services Center
      One University Drive
      Orange, CA 92866

How can I get in touch with the Collections Office regarding my hold, or my past due account?

A collections hold will prevent your access to request registration and diplomas. If any charges remain on your student account it will be forwarded to in house collection status with a restriction of a collection hold.

Contact the University Collections Office to make arrangements to pay the balance due, or discuss the collections hold, as follows:

  • Email:
    • Please include your name, Chapman ID #, and use your Chapman email.
  • Fax: (714) 744-7995
    • Please include your name, Chapman ID #, and use your Chapman email.
  • Phone: (714) 997-6649
  • In person:
    • University Collections
      Bhathal Student Services Center
      One University Drive
      Orange, CA 92866

If I have a collections hold on my account, do I receive an eBill?

You can view your student account at A monthly eBill statement is available for viewing through your Student Center.

If you need assistance with logging into your Student Center, contact the Help Desk at (714) 997-6600.

Please keep in mind that if you are set-up on a Repayment Agreement with the collections office, the payment amount listed on your monthly eBill statement does not pertain to your agreement.

Please refer to your Repayment Agreement for your monthly payment amount and due date.

Can I make monthly payments on my past due balance?

The University will allow you to establish a Repayment Agreement to make monthly payments.

Please contact our Collections Office for further assistance.

  • Email:
    • Please include your name, Chapman-ID, and use your Chapman email.
  • Phone:( 714) 997-6649
  • Fax: (714) 744-7995
    • Please include your name, Chapman ID #, use your Chapman email.
  • In Person:
    • University Collections
      Bhathal Student Services Center
      One University Drive
      Orange, CA 92866

Once the balance is paid in full, the collections hold will be released at which time you may order a diploma and/or register for classes.