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What is a Panther Partner Authorized User?
Panther Partner Authorized Users have been granted access by a student to Chapman ePay, to view billing statements, make payments, enroll in payment plans and review account activity.

How do I become a Panther Partner Authorized User?
Students must set up Panther Partner Authorized Users and grant access to their Chapman ePay account.
Student instructions for setting up ePay access for Panther Partner Authorized Users

Chapman ePay Access for Panther Partner Authorized Users

Declining Balance / eAccounts

  • Declining Balance is money placed on a student Campus ID card
  • Funds for on-campus dining, laundry, print credits, bookstore and more
  • Funds do not expire
  • No login is required to make a Guest Deposit through eAccounts
  • The 7 digit Chapman ID number and student last name are required to make a Guest Deposit through eAccounts

Panther Bucks / Meal Plans

  • Panther Bucks are funds on a student Campus ID card that may only be used for on-campus dining
  • Panther Bucks are only available with meal plans
  • Purchase a Commuter Meal Plan to add Panther Bucks
  • No login is required to purchase a Commuter Meal Plan, just the Chapman ID number and student name.

Additional Payment Options

Chapman University's standard method of payment is by electronic check through Chapman University's ePay system.

Additional payment options are available:

Office of Parent Engagement

At Chapman, parents and families are valued partners in our work to provide students with a highly personalized education, preparing them for success in life. New or returning, we hope the Office of Parent Engagement site will be a valuable resource in navigating your family’s journey from enrollment through graduation.

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Contact Us

ePay access and making payments questions, contact the Chapman University Cashiers Office:
(714) 997-6838 | ePay@chapman.edu

Student account balance and amount due information, please contact your Student Account Advisor.

General Questions about Chapman University and not sure who to contact?
Start with the Office of Parent Engagement
(714) 997-6558 | parents@chapman.edu