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Policies and Requirements

  • Tuition & Fee Master Payment Contract
    • A Tuition & Fee Master Payment Contract is required at the start of each academic year. Students should monitor their Student Center "To-Do List" to electronically submit the contract. Otherwise, a hold may be placed on their account.
  • Proof of Health Insurance Coverage
    • Proof of health insurance is required at the start of each academic year. Students should monitor their Student Center "To-Do List" to electronically submit proof of insurance. Otherwise, the student will be billed and enrolled in the United Healthcare plan by the Chapman University.  The deadline to submit proof of health insurance is February 21, 2022.
    • To review the student health insurance policy, visit www.uhcsr.com/chapman
  • Tuition Withdrawal Policy
    • When a course drop or withdrawal occurs, tuition refunds and fees are made according to the tuition refund deadlines, which differ from the academic calendar deadlines. All students are required to read, understand, and abide by all Chapman University deadlines.

Optional Authorizations

  • Chapman Release Authorization
    • If students would like Chapman University to disclose information to parents, guardians, spouses, or any other person(s), they must provide written consent by submitting a Chapman Release Authorization. The form can be submitted by the student in person or via the their Chapman University email.
  • Panther Partner Authorized User
    • If students would like parents, guardians, spouses, or any other person(s) to have access to their billing account, they may grant them access by setting up that person as a Panther Partner Authorized User. The option is available via the ePay site under "My Profile Set-up." Only the student has the authorization to add/remove individuals.

Other Services & Purchase Options

  • Tuition Protection Plan
    • The tuition protection plan is insurance to safeguard your educational investment by reimbursing tuition costs, should you find it necessary to leave Chapman University for medical reasons. The plan is available on an optional basis and can be purchased via the ePay site up until the first day of each trimester.
  • Student Health Insurance Purchase
    • Health insurance purchase is optional and available for students in the MS Patient Safety, MS Regulatory Affairs, MS Pharmaceutical Science, Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences programs. To purchase coverage for the academic year, log-in to the Student Center and select " Student Forms". The deadline to purchase  Student Health Insurance is February 21, 2022.
    • To review the United Healthcare insurance policy, visit www.uhcsr.com/chapman.
  • Health Insurance Waiver Option
    • International students and students in the Doctor of Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, & Physician Asst. programs are automatically billed student health insurance upon enrollment. Students who have an individual or family plan can waive the health insurance charge by submitting a proof of insurance eform. The deadline to submit the Student Health Insurance waiver is February 21, 2022.
  • Parking Service
    • Parking is free to students; however, a valid virtual permit is still mandatory. Obtained a virtual permit by registering your vehicle.

Tuition Trimester Payment Due Dates

  • Fall: August 20
  • Spring: December 20
  • Summer: April 20

Tuition Payment Options

  • Payment in Full
    • Payment in full option requires the entire term balance, less financial aid, to be paid in full on or before the term's due date. A $100 late fee will be assessed each month if the balance is unpaid.
  • Monthly Payment Plan
    • The payment plan splits the account balance into four installments. A $50 set-up fee will be due for each term, upon enrollment of the payment plan. A $25 late fee will be assessed for past due or short-paid payments.
  • Third-party Billing, 529 plans, & Tuition Assistance
    • If utilizing a 529 College Saving plan that does not require a direct bill from Chapman University, please contact your plan administrator to coordinate payment. If you are eligible for outside funding, which needs a direct invoice from Chapman University, some 529 plans, Dept. of Rehab, and specific scholarship programs, contact Kimberly Talley at tpc@chapman.edu or call (714) 997-6503.
  • Military Education Benefits
    • If you plan to use VA Benefits, contact Stephen Leader, Director of Veteran's Resource Center, at (714) 516-5776 to coordinate submission of required documentation. Benefits appointments can be made online.

Make A Payment

  • Online
    • Visit my.chapman.edu, select Student Center, click Access ePay, click Make A Payment.
      • There are no processing fees for e-Check payments.
      • Credit cards/ debit cards are NOT accepted, as a form of tuition payment.
  • By Mail
    • Checks and money orders are accepted. Please include your name and student ID number.  Mailing Address:
Chapman University, Attn: Cashier's Office
One University Drive, Orange, CA 92866

Billing Basics

  • Billing Statements
    • Electronic Billing (eBill) is Chapman University's official billing method. Electronic billing statements are available the first week of each month. You can access your student account by logging into the ePay site from your my.chapman.edu Student Center and clicking "Access ePay" under the Finances section.
  • Accepted financial aid
    • eStatements will report accepted financial aid as "pending" & calculate the remaining balance due. You are still required to complete any documents necessary, to avoid a delay in the receipt of funds.

Other Reminders

  • Student eRefund (Direct Deposit)
    • Chapman issues refunds when the account has an eligible credit balance. To have a refund directly deposited into your account, you can setup an eRefund  via the ePay site under "My Profile Set-up." You will need your bank routing and account numbers.
  • Communication
    • The official method of contact with Student Business Services is via the Chapman University issued student email account. When emailing our department, please be sure to use your Chapman University email and provide your full name and student ID number.
  • Apply for Financial Aid

Student Services Contacts