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Institutional Awards

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Chapman University offers institutional awards for students to help pay for the cost of education. These awards are based on the information you and your family provide, the number of applicants, and the total funds available. Institutional aid, unlike a loan, is not required to be repaid. To remain eligible, students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

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Chapman Grant

These grants are designed to offset direct educational costs for students who are eligible based on information provided on the FAFSA. The Chapman Grant is available for up to ten semesters to new freshmen students. Transfer students are eligible based on their grade levels when they enter Chapman University subtracted from the number of semesters allotted for freshmen.

To remain eligible, students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

A Chapman Grant may, in whole or in part, be renamed in honor of a generous donor (individual, foundation, or corporation) who supports Chapman University students. An opportunity to meet the donor and write a letter of appreciation may be requested of the student.

Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships recognize achievement in high school and are based on grades and test scores. New transfer students are awarded based on their previous college GPA. Scholarships range in amount, but can be as high as $32,000 per year.

These awards are provided by the Office of Admissions. If applying for admission by the deadline, students are automatically considered for these awards. If awarded, merit scholarship information will be included with your offer of admission.

Merit scholarships are awarded for eight semesters to new freshmen students. The scholarship time limit for transfer students varies depending at which grade level the student enrolls. It is calculated by subtracting the grade level of the student at the time of enrollment from the total allotted semesters for new freshmen students.

All students awarded merit scholarships must maintain a minimum 2.75 cumulative Chapman GPA in order to retain their scholarships.  Students must enroll in a semester at least once every two years to retain their scholarships.

Talent Scholarships

Talent scholarships are awarded to new incoming students by their attending college within Chapman University. An audition or portfolio submission, in addition to any criteria added by the attending college, may be required. For more information, please contact the Office of Admissions or your prospective college of attendance.

Engineering Scholarships

Fowler School of Engineering applicants are eligible for scholarships that will augment or, in some cases, fully replace the standard financial aid package provided by Chapman University. Scholarships range from $2,000 per year to 100% of tuition, room and board. Learn more at the Engineering Scholarships page.

Panther Alumni Award

A $2,000 award is provided to the children or siblings of Chapman alumni. The recipient must retain full-time enrollment status to continue receiving this award. An application must be completed and returned to the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid to be eligible for this award.

DOC and UCC Awards

This scholarship is awarded through Chapman University's Office of Church Relations. Funds are provided by Chapman University and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and The United Church of Christ in recognition of participation in church activities. For more information, please refer to the Office of Church Relations.

Housing Grants

These grants are to offset housing costs for students living in Chapman residence halls and apartments. Eligibility is based on FAFSA information and housing plans.