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Graphic Design Program

Integrating Art, Science, and Culture

» Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design combines exploratory and research-based processes along with professional portfolio development. The program emphasizes traditional, practical and current methodologies. These include conceptual and theory-based approaches, history and aesthetics, written, verbal and of course visual articulation, in preparing the student for entry into professional Graphic Design. Our curriculum is designed to explore all aspects of graphic design, from print to web to interactive, from 2D to 3D and 4D motion.  

GD Projects are built around real-world parameters often with outside client input. The London Sustainable Design course allows students to spend time abroad working on a professional project in conjunction with established industry clients. Students have the opportunity to pair their degree with complementary learning in Advertising/public relations, Marketing, Creative Industries, Sociology, Business, Psychology among other programs. 

Our program features training on industry-standard equipment and software, including the Adobe Creative suite, 3d printing, and laser cutting. Along with a rigorous course work, students are exposed to visual thinkers from art history, art, and design fields. Every year the program holds a symposium dealing with contemporary design issues. This event draws leaders in design, marketing and creative industries to campus for close-on interaction and exchange of ideas. 

In our program we strongly encourage hands-on experience. Students are encouraged to explore design related campus jobs and are required to complete a 120-hour design internship prior to graduation.  

Our BFA graduates in the Chapman Graphic Design program come away with experiential skills from internships, travel, and a concentration of professional portfolio development underpinned with a strong background in design thinking. 

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