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Sociology embodies the essential values of a liberal arts education.

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Sociology studies the interaction and relationships among human groups and institutions and how behavior is shaped by these relationships. It examines how society maintains stability and how it changes, investigating both consensus and conflict among social groups. Sociology's subject matter consists of social institutions including family, work, religion, and social processes such as identity development, deviance and socialization. Sociology majors explore foundational ideas about the nature of society, are introduced to key subfields of the discipline, and acquire fundamental research and analysis skills to carry out their own inquiries. The department's faculty members emphasize empirical work in a number of subfields including applied and community sociology, the family, health and medicine, law and society, international and global sociology, gender, the sociology of religion, qualitative and quantitative research methods and cultural anthropology.

Sociology embodies the essential values of a liberal arts education in its emphasis on analysis and problem solving, comparative thinking, writing and critical inquiry. In providing such skills, sociology is a good background for professions in teaching, medicine, social work, law, business and social justice. Finally, sociology provides the breadth of theoretical and methodological training for advanced graduate work in all the behavioral sciences. Click here for the 2018-2019 Sociology course catalog.

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Law, Justice and Social Control Minor

The minor in Law, Justice and Social Control provides students with an opportunity to examine key areas of law and social control as well as explore selected aspects of social justice. After completing three required courses to introduce them to the basis for law and social control, students are allowed to select from a wide variety of courses that span the disciplines of sociology, political science, psychology, philosophy and forensics. This flexibility allows students to tailor their minor to their own unique interest in the broad area of law and social control.

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Anthropology Minor

The minor in Anthropology at Chapman University focuses on Cultural Anthropology; the study of shared meanings gives us tools for relating across cultures and understanding our rich heritages and traditions. It is a perfect partner for those pursuing degrees in Sociology, Business, Film, or Natural and Physical Sciences. We interact with people from all over the world in our professional lives. Anthropology provides tools that are essential for success whether you are providing services, doing business, marketing or researching. Cultural Anthropology implements Chapman University's commitment to Global Citizenship.

Anthropology Minor »

Women's Studies Minor

The women's and gender studies minor provides an overview of the interdisciplinary approaches to the study of women and gender inequality; cultural representations of women and their social roles; and the social axes of gender, race, class and sexuality. The minor provides students with a broad, interdisciplinary framework for analyzing social practices related to gender as well as the impact on their own lives.

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Interterm Schedule 2020

Subject Sec Course Time Days
ANTH 329 01 Experimental Course 4 - 6:50PM MTWTH
ANTH 335 01 Anthropology of Space/Place 10AM -1:50PM TWTH
SOC  316 01 Immigration in Southern CA 1 - 3:50PM MTWTH
SOC 326 01 Mind, Self, & Soc in Tibet Bud

Spring Schedule 2020

Subject Sec Course Time M T W Th F
AMST 282 01 Folklore 1 -2:15PM M W
AMST 296 01 Indians and Film 4 -6:50PM T
AMST 396 01 Indians of California 2:30-3:45PM M W
ANTH 102 01 Cultural Anthropology 11-11:50AM M W F
ANTH 102 02 Cultural Anthropology 12-12:50PM M W F
ANTH  102 03 Cultural Anthropology 1-2:15PM T Th
ANTH  102 04 Cultural Anthropology 2:30-3:45PM T Th
ANTH 205 01 Language and Culture 5:30-6:45M T Th
ANTH 211 01 Visual Culture 10-11:15AM T Th
ANTH  301 01 Ethnographic Fieldwork 4-5PM T Th
ANTH 315 01 Art and Anthropology 8:30-9:45AM T Th
ANTH 321 01 Archaeology 11:30AM-12:45PM T Th
SOC 101 01 Introduction to Sociology 8-8:50AM M W F
SOC 101 02 Introduction to Sociology 9-9:50AM M W F
SOC 101 03 Introduction to Sociology 10-10:50AM M W F
SOC 101 04 Introduction to Sociology 11-11:50AM M W F
SOC 101 05 Introduction to Sociology 1-2:15PM M W
SOC 101 06 Introduction to Sociology 11:30AM-12:45PM T Th
SOC 101 07 Introduction to Sociology 7-9:50PM T
SOC 101 08 Introduction to Sociology 7-9:50PM Th
SOC 201 01 Intro to Research Methods 10-10:50AM M W F
SOC 201 02 Intro to Research Methods 12-12:50PM M W F
SOC 201 03 Intro to Research Methods 2:30-3:45PM T Th
SOC 204 01 Marriage and the Family 2:30-3:45PM M W
SOC 204 02 Marriage and the Family 1-2:15PM M W
SOC 211 01 Social Problems 9-9:50AM M W F
SOC 225 01 Social Inequality/Stratificati 11:30AM-12:45PM T Th
SOC 229 01 Experimental Course 12-12:50PM M W F
SOC 231 01 Foundations: Criminal Justice 8:30-9:45AM T Th
SOC 301 01 Field Research 4-6:50PM T
SOC 305 01 Social Theory 2:30-3:45PM T Th
SOC 306 01 Social Movements 2:30-3:45PM T Th
SOC 316 01 Immigration in Southern CA 11:30AM-12:45PM T Th
SOC 318 01 Quantitative Data Analysis 10-11:15AM T Th
SOC 329 01 Experimental Course 12-12:50PM M W F
SOC 329 02 Experimental Course 4-6:50PM M
SOC 332 01 Crime, Justice & Globalization 1-2:15PM T Th
SOC 335 01 Society and the Environment 7-9:50PM Th
SOC 345 01 Social Psychology 9-9:50AM M W F
SOC 345 02 Social Psychology 10-11:15AM T Th
SOC 347 01 Topics in Lit & Cultural Stu 1-2:15PM M W
SOC 354 01 Non-Violent Social Change 2:30-3:45PM T Th
SOC 370 01 Race and Ethnicity 11-11:50AM M W F
SOC 370 02 Race and Ethnicity 7-9:50PM T
SOC 371 01 Sociology of Human Sexuality 11:30AM-12:45PM T Th
SOC 383 01 Sociology of Deviant Behavior 11:30AM-12:45PM T Th
SOC 385 01 Medical Sociology 2:30-3:45PM T Th
SOC 393 01 Child Abuse 7-9:50PM W
SOC 404 01 Global Family Systems
SOC 410 01 Victimless Crimes 7-9:50PM Th
SOC 492A 01 Social Work Field/Practicum 5:30-6:45PM M W
SOC 497 01 Senior Thesis Project 4-6:50PM M
SOC 497 02 Senior Thesis Project 7-9:50PM M
HUM 102 01 Intro Latinx & Latin Am. Study 1-2:15PM T Th
HUM 102 02 Intro Latinx & Latin Am. Study 2:30-3:45PM T Th
WMST 101 02 Intro to Women's Studies 1-2:15PM T Th
WMST 498 01 Women's Studies Senior Seminar 1-3:50PM F

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