» Model United Nations

A popular course among majors in Peace Studies or Political Science is the Model United Nations class, which involves students in simulated UN debates at local, regional and national levels.

Model United Nations is a two course sequence that involves learning about the United Nations, breaking down international issues, and the dynamics of diplomacy.

Annually, during the spring break recess, Chapman sends a delegation to the National Model United Nations held in New York City. Students prepare for the experience by studying the UN and its work, participating in local MUN conferences, and conducting research into the positions of their assigned country. At the National MUN conference, they have the opportunity to tour the United Nations, simulate voting and caucusing both in the UN headquarters and at the conference site, and be briefed by diplomats from the country they represent.

On March 27th, 2016, Chapman University's Model United Nations Course Travelled to New York City for a one-week NMUN Conference. Check out this video below for a quick view into their trip. (VIDEO BY: Brett Melnick, Class of 2016, TV Writing and Production Major, IM Leadership, Orgs & Society)