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Change of Major or Minor

Things can easily change over a four year period in college. You might discover hidden talents and your dream job may become something you never knew existed. We understand your education is a process of self-discovery and we encourage students to expand their studies to other areas beyond their major.

Even though you’re in a specific program, you have some flexibility to take additional classes in other areas of art and many additional classes at Chapman University. However, students may still decide to change their major to another area within the arts or a completely different program at Chapman. Students may apply to add a major or minor within Art at any time.

For transfer students, if you come in with at least 60 credits, you may apply to add a minor after one semester at Chapman University; otherwise, you must wait to apply after two semesters. Please note that students must have at least a 3.5 GPA at Chapman University to apply for an Art major or minor. Here are the policies for changing and/or declaring a major and/or minor in Art:

Add or Change of Major and/or Minor

Graphic Design or Art (Studio)

The materials listed below are to be submitted to the Art Office, Moulton Hall 173 by calling (714) 997-6729 to schedule an appointment to deliver the materials. The application is then reviewed by our full time faculty and can up to 7 business days for a decision.  

  • Signed letter of recommendation from an art teacher or art mentor.
  • Statement of Interest – 500 word essay explaining why you want to study the degree at Chapman University.
  • Statement or essay (500 words total) about two of your best works and why you consider these your best work.
  • 10 pieces of your work printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.
  • Change of Program form (see link below) which must be signed by the Art Chair.
  • Department forms which you’ll collect from the department when you submit your materials.

Art History

Applying for an Art History Major or Minor requires a meeting with one of the fulltime Art History faculty and a few forms. Please call (714) 997-6729 to find out who the faculty are and their schedule. You will need to submit a Change of Program form (see link below) which must be signed by the Art Chair, along with 2 other department forms.

For more information, please contact the art office at (714) 997-6729

Download the change of major/minor application.
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