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BA and Minors Offered in our Department

In today’s complicated and ever changing global society, the study of languages becomes an integral component for understanding other cultures.

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers the necessary tools to study various languages and their respective literature and cultures.

All courses offered under our department range from introductory language skills to upper level courses that focus on the different facets of the language from literature, culture, and linguistics expressions.

The goal of the department is to increase students’ linguistic and practical skills and broaden learning and awareness of the cultures they are studying.

Departmental Honors
Faculty awards departmental honors to students who have produced outstanding work in their area. Requirements for consideration include departmental GPA of 3.500 in the major, a proven and sustained investment in creative, intellectual and scholarly inquiry and demonstration of original and critical thinking in all department academic work culminating in a final draft and presentation of a capstone thesis.

Below is a list of degrees offered in our department. Learn more about other languages taught by department faculty.