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Spanish ProfessorsSpanish is widely spoken here in California and throughout the United States.  The Spanish academic program is dedicated to promoting culturally and linguistically competent citizens in our multicultural and multilingual society. It is the largest program in the languages department instructing more than 700 students each academic semester. About 100 students choose Spanish as their major or minor for their undergraduate degree. The professors in the Spanish academic program are dedicated to the communicative approach to language teaching and emphasize student participation in a class size that is limited from 19-23 students for a more personalized education.  

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Degrees Offered

  • B.A. in Spanish: 33 total credits, 3 credits of linguistic requirements, 6 credits of upper division electives
  • Minor in Spanish: 18 credits, 15 of which must be upper-division.

For more information regarding this program, please see the course catalog.

The B.A. in Global Communication and World Languages (Spanish)

The B.A. in Global Communication and World Languages (Spanish). This degree is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to combine their interests in Spanish with studies in Communications. Students become productive global citizens as they engage in the rigorous application of communication theories and research while increasing their fluency in Spanish and broadening their awareness of culture to prepare for the global workplace. Graduates will be able to pursue careers in a variety of international arenas: diplomacy, government, journalism, broadcasting, NGOs, philanthropic organizations with international outreach and more. The nine-credit hour Capstone sequence, which includes a service learning course/internship, intensive research in the chosen language, and a senior seminar in the global workplace, will provide students with a hands on experience, which future employers will value. The major consists of 45 credits taken through the School of Communications and World Languages and Culture Department (Spanish). For more information, click here.

Interested in declaring a Spanish Major or Minor?

We recognize that each student has a unique background with their experiences in Spanish: some were born in different countries or have lived abroad for years; some have studied many years in High School and scored high on Spanish AP Exams; others use Spanish on a daily basis at home or at work.  Given the special circumstances that revolve around each individual, the Spanish Major and Minor may show flexibility when taking upper-division courses simultaneously, especially Spanish 343 and 326. 

For a personal consultation regarding the Spanish Major/Minor please contact one of the following professors.





Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to spend at least one semester in a Spanish–speaking country and have many opportunities around the globe! Students can spend at least one semester in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, or Spain. Earn 12-18 credits toward your course of study at Chapman! Language requirements vary, as some programs do not have any language prerequisite and some require several semesters of college-level Spanish.  With so many options, students have the opportunity to experience various types of Spanish-speaking cultures, history, and politics while studying abroad. In addition, students can partake in a summer international internship in Spain to obtain work and culture experience while earning credits. Visit the Center for Global Education for more information.

Kawapanan Languages

Over the years, Professor Pilar Valenzuela has led a project to document the endangered Kawapanan languages of Peru. Her work includes a trilingual dictionary (Shiwilu-English-Spanish), video and audio tapes containing different types of Shiwilu and Shawi texts that have been processed to varying degrees, the description of certain phonological and grammatical features of Kawapanan (especially Shiwilu). The project has been primarily funded by the National Science Foundation (DEL 0853281).

Learn more about the Kawapanan Languages

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