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We are Wilkinson Newsletter

The We are Wilkinson Newsletter launched in September 2019. This is where we share many of the wonderful things Wilkinson students, faculty, alumni, donors, and staff are accomplishing.

The monthly newsletter is sent out to Wilkinson students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and friends of Wilkinson. If you would like to be on the distribution list, please contact wilkinsoncollege@chapman.edu.

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Wilkinson College Annual Report

The Wilkinson College Annual Report is compiled and designed to highlight some of the achievements within our departments, centers, and programs. Our college is a collective and our successes are due, to a large part, through the work and support we show each other. Thanks must go to the faculty, administrative assistants, and staff whose commitment and dedication have enabled our growth and success.

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Wilkinson College Faculty & Staff Yearbook

In 2020 Wilkinson College launched the inaugural Faculty and Staff Yearbook. This annual publication celebrates significant faculty and staff achievements within our college.

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