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The ouroboros, an otherworldly serpentine creature that consumes its own tail, is an alchemical, religious, and artistic symbol depicted across several ancient mythologies. Its cyclical nature suggests a transformative process of renewal in which beginnings and endings remain inextricably intertwined; one always follows the other until the end of time.  

The act of returning again and again to share and devour speculative stories lies at Ouroboros Magazine’s core. The publication aims to provide an outlet for artists who push the bounds of reality and imagination—writers, illustrators, and creators who play in the realm of horror, paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism—because sometimes it takes a moment from another world to better understand our own. This can range anywhere from small magical coincidences in an otherwise contemporary and realistic piece to great spectacles of future technology or arcane wonder in a realm wholly unlike this one. Wherever your work falls along this spectrum, we’d love to feature it in Ouroboros Magazine!

Submissions open to speculative prose, poetry, and visual art by any and all members of the Chapman community at the beginning of each semester. Additional information on the submission process and guidelines can be found on our website.

To ensure equal opportunity throughout the review period, creative submissions are edited through an entirely anonymous process. When each piece for the issue has been selected, our editors then collaborate with literary and visual artists to discuss final revisions leading up to publication. New issues are shared digitally at the semester’s end.

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