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Writing Center

The Writing Center is open for the Fall 2020 semester via both asynchronous and synchronous digital tutoring. There will be no in-person hours on campus in DeMille Hall.  

For asynchronous digital tutoring, please check out our "Online Tutoring Form" page to submit your writing for tutoring feedback. 

For synchronous digital tutoring, the Writing Center is working with Knack Technologies in which students can meet with Chapman’s writing tutors in real time to discuss the projects they would like feedback on. To see writing tutor availability, Go to Chapman.JoinKnack.com to create an account with your Chapman University email address and password. There, you can view the writing tutors’ schedules in upcoming sessions and either book an appointment with a tutor or meet with them as a “walk-in.” There is no additional fee for the Chapman tutoring services on Knack. When submitting a tutoring request, please request “Writing Center” instead of a course on Knack.

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Preparing for a Visit

When possible, make an appointment well in advance of your paper's due date. This will give you plenty of time to revise your paper in response to your session with the tutor. You may also choose to come to the center before you have your first draft.


  • A copy of your course syllabus
  • A copy of your assignment
  • A copy of your paper draft (if applicable)

Most sessions are similarly structured. You will probably spend time in your session:

  • Setting your own goals. If possible, determine your goals before your visit. Do you want help with your thesis statement? Are you concerned about run-on sentence? Do you want to brainstorm ideas? Are particular parts of your paper not working? The more specific your request for help, the more focused and productive your Writing Center session will be. 
  • Describing the assignment and your professor's expectations. This is why it's always a good idea to bring the assignment sheet and the course syllabus! Remember, your tutor cannot attend every class from every professor on campus; your preparation will help the tutor ascertain what the professor may be looking for in your paper.
  • Explaining to your tutor what you intend to communicate in your paper. The tutor will ask questions to help clarify your thoughts and determine the best way to express them. 
  • Listening to the tutor's comments and suggestion about your paper. The tutor will provide feedback on what seems successful in your paper and what might benefit from more work.
  • Writing notes on your draft. Although the tutors will offer suggestions and feedback, it is up to you to decide which comments to use and which to ignore. Tutors may take some notes with their questions and suggestions, but you will do the majority of the writing.
  • Editing and correcting errors on your draft. Again, you will do this with the help of the tutor, who will notice patterns of error and teach you the necessary tools to correct them.