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Department of English

Creative Writing Scholarships

» Talent Award in Creative Writing and the Tyler Nolan Scheetz Memorial Scholarship

The Creative Writing program offers talent awards between $250 and $2,000 annually for up to four years to select students demonstrating exceptional talent in the area of creative writing and a commitment to creative activity, scholarship, and service in the BFA in Creative Writing program.

In addition, applicants are eligible for the Tyler Nolan Scheetz Memorial Scholarship, an award of $15,000 per year given every four years. See below for a detailed description of the scholarship.

  • Talent awards are stackable, meaning money above and beyond your financial aid package.
  • The deadline to submit materials for fall term is March 25. 
  • Any questions about the award or the Creative Writing program can be directed to the Creative Writing Program Director Morgan Read-Davidson at readdavi@chapman.edu or (714) 532-7706.


Recipients of Talent Awards and Scholarships in Creative Writing must:

  • Complete the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing in 8 semesters
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in all major classes, with no grade of C- or below, and a 2.0 cumulative GPA, for all Chapman University classes
  • Maintain full-time enrollment (12 units or more per semester) and continued enrollment in the BFA in Creative Writing
  • Serve the program, department and University as an exemplary citizen through volunteering, leadership, and ethical behavior

How to Apply

To apply for a Creative Writing Talent Award and the Tyler Nolan Scheetz Memorial Scholarship, please compile your Creative Writing Talent Award Portfolio, including: 

  • Creative Writing Major: A completed application for admission to Chapman University indicating the Creative Writing BFA degree as your intended major. You may include a copy of the application, or (preferably) your Chapman University acceptance letter.
  • Creative Writing sample: A selection of prose fiction, creative non-fiction or poetry, not to exceed 10 pages. A finished story, novel chapter or series of poems is preferred. Sample should follow professional manuscript formatting rules.
  • Creative Writing Essay: Submit a personal essay of no more than 600 words discussing the theme “On Writing.” This essay should provide an insight into who you are as a writer, and what you hope to achieve at Chapman. Applicants are encouraged to discuss examples of community and service as part of their developing identity as a creative writer.

 Submit your completed portfolio:

  • By email (PDF): Compile portfolio as a PDF attachment, subject “Creative Writing Talent Award,” and email to Creative Writing Program Director Morgan Read-Davidson at readdavi@chapman.edu
  • By mail (hard copy): Organize materials in the listed order above, staple and mail to:

Morgan Read-Davidson, Creative Writing Program Director
Department of English, Chapman University
One University Drive
Orange, CA 92866

Selection Process

All applications will be reviewed by a committee of creative writing faculty between April 1 and 15. Talent award recipients will be notified shortly after April 15. Scheetz Scholarship candidates will be invited to an additional interview over Zoom with the committee, who will then select the final scholarship recipient. All recipients will be notified prior to the May 1 enrollment deposit deadline.


Chapman student Tyler ScheetzTyler Nolan Scheetz Memorial Scholarship

The Tyler Nolan Scheetz Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship program designed to provide meaningful financial support to students who pursue creative writing at Chapman University. The scholarship is named in honor of Tyler Scheetz, a passionate and talented young writer who tragically passed away in 2023. The scholarship is $15,000 per year awarded to one student demonstrating exceptional talent in creative writing and a commitment to creative activity, scholarship, and service in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program at Chapman University.

A Chapman University student, Tyler was known for his quirky and disarming personality, always making those around him feel welcomed and heard. He was also quite introspective and valued self-reflection. Through difficult times, creative writing became a critical outlet for Tyler, allowing him to express his feelings and thoughts with remarkable clarity, vulnerability and openness. In an essay titled "A single question with unlimited potential," published in The Panther in November of 2022, Tyler wrote "becoming in tune with your inner voice will give you unlimited potential to reach heights you never dreamed of reaching." Tyler's authentic, honest writing style engaged his readers and inspired them to look within to discover their own truths. In 2023, Kevin and Christine Scheetz, his father and stepmother, established the Tyler Nolan Scheetz Memorial Scholarship as a testament to his life and legacy and a way to support future students at Chapman University who share Tyler's passion for creative writing. Numerous family members and friends have honored Tyler's memory through their contributions to the scholarship.

The scholarship program seeks to provide financial support to students who are passionate about writing. To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must apply for a Talent Award in Creative Writing and submit writing samples and an essay, as set forth in the Talent Award application instructions. Recipients are selected by Chapman's Creative Writing faculty. The scholarship award applies directly to the cost of tuition and is renewable for up to three years (four years total), provided the recipient continues to meet the eligibility requirements. 

The Tyler Nolan Scheetz Memorial Scholarship provides an excellent opportunity for students pursuing creative writing within the Bachelor of Fine Arts program to receive financial support, further their education, and prepare for a career in writing, communications, publishing or a similar field.