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Pre-law at Chapman University

Pre-law at Chapman University
A well-rounded undergraduate education based in the liberal arts is the best foundation for students interested in attending law school. With its strong grounding in the humanities and social sciences, Chapman University has a long history of successfully preparing its undergraduates for law school and eventually a legal career. Chapman graduates have attended such top-ranked law schools as the University of Chicago, University of California-Berkeley, University of Virginia, Cornell University, Georgetown University, UCLA, University of Southern California, and Vanderbilt University.

No Single Path to Law School
According to the American Bar Association, there is “no single path” that prepares students for law school. As such, the ABA does not recommend any particular major for undergraduates to pursue, since students are admitted to top law schools from every academic discipline. In general, the best preparation consists of a serious and rigorous undergraduate education that prepares one to become a well-rounded individual. No particular focus on the law is required or encouraged in one’s curriculum order to boost chances for law school admissions.

Pursue a Rigorous Academic Curriculum
Pre-law students are encouraged to pursue a rigorous academic curriculum that will develop strong research and writing skills, strong analytical and critical thinking skills, and strong communication skills, all of which will help in preparation for law school. In addition to a high grade point average and LSAT score, law school admissions committees also look for both rigor and depth within the major and breadth across the overall curriculum. While there is no required pre-law curriculum that students must take in preparation for law school, Chapman students who seek such a program are encouraged to consider the Law and Liberal Arts minor.

Pre-Law Student Groups
Students interested in legal careers are also encouraged to join one (or both) of the University’s pre-law student organizations.

The Chapman University Pre-Law Society, which is open to all undergraduate students, provides its members with the opportunity to learn about careers in the legal field; information to help prepare students for the law school application process; information on taking the LSAT; and networking opportunities with law school admissions representatives, local attorneys and judges, and other pre-law students.

Chapman University Undergraduate Law Review serves as an introduction to law review journals that are commonplace at respected law schools around the country. Our organization strives for students and faculty alike to gain insight into contemporary and historical legal issues and their relevance today. In that aim, we provide intangible practice with legal writing and research unlike anything else offered on Chapman's undergraduate campus, culminating in an annual publication to showcase skills that will be invaluable in legal careers post-undergraduate.

Kappa Alpha Pi is open to all undergraduate students and majors. Our brotherhood facilitates networking opportunities for members that appeal to a variety of careers. Members are provided with the opportunity to learn about careers in the legal field, information regarding the law school application process, LSAT preparatory information, and are able to make numerous connections with admissions advisors, professors, attorneys, judges, and other students with similar interests and career paths

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