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Wilkinson College believes a vibrant graduate education in the arts, humanities, and social sciences can be a foundation for professional success, be that in academia or the workforce. Take a look at our graduate career support, as well as where our graduate students are applying their degrees, by visiting our Graduate Careers page.

Wilkinson College currently offers five master's level degrees and three integrated graduate degrees programs.

You can meet our program faculty, learn about our programs, including admissions requirements and deadlines, by visiting the individual program pages.


Master Level Degrees

Integrated Graduate Degree Programs

If you’re in an undergraduate program at Chapman, you can start working on your master’s degree while completing your bachelor’s degree!

In an Integrated Graduate Program, you can complete your master’s degree with just one additional year of coursework.


KrausmanLet's talk about the graduate program you're interested in, the admission process, or your career, professional and/or educational goals, and how a vibrant graduate education in the humanities can set you up for success. - David Krausman, Graduate Programs Coordinator