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Sumer 2019 travel course in Taiwan calligraphy classThe Chinese program at Chapman University boasts a personalized education and hands-on experience for students due to our small class sizes. From day one, the faculty guides students in deepening their own specific academic interests in Chinese, whether they are oriented toward business, the arts, or culture. The mission of the Chinese Program is to serve the needs of the students at Chapman University with a program focusing on aiding students to broaden their educational horizon, develop skills for conversation and literacy, expand their imagination and achieve their career goals. Through Chinese, we want to support these students in ways that will take them to places far and wide.

Our faculty provides customized instruction, including technology, games, projects, and collaborative learning within the classrooms to ensure a wide variety of ways that students can not only learn Chinese language, but also engage with Chinese culture as well! 

The Chinese studies program provides courses in both language and culture across all levels of difficulty. Whether you are just beginning your journey to learn Chinese or are well on your way to being fluent in the language, courses are offered at every level to ensure students are getting the needed education. 

Course Information:

Elementary Chinese 101 and 102, and Intermediate Chinese 201 are the courses that fulfill the Programlanguage requirement at Chapman University.

Chinese 202 and 301A are designed to perfect students’ Chinese language skills by developing practical conversational skills and by acquiring an intermediate proficiency in the reading and writing in both traditional and simplified Chinese characters.

There are also courses with specific themes:

  • Business Chinese
  • Literary and Cinematographic Images of The Chinese


Activities with Professors!

In addition to faculty hosted office hours, in which students are able to come and meet with their Chinese Ink instructor for extra help and have questions answered, the department also provides students the opportunity to practice their language skills during extracurricular events. The program encourages students to participate in various cultural activities throughout the year.

  • Creating Chinese traditional ink paintings
  • Taiwanese cuisine cooking classes 
  • Taiwanese Movie day
  • Chinese language table

Minor in Chinese:

  • Total credits 21, CHIN201 included
  • A minimum of 15 credits of the degree must be comprised of upper-division courses
  • Students are encouraged to spend at least one semester or to complete a travel course in a Chinese-speaking country


About Us

We are a group of committed professors dedicated to assisting individual students in growing both personally and professionally. We will look forward to sharing with you our special and unique connection with the Chinese language and life-long study of its culture.

I-Ting Chao

Department of Languages
120 DeMille Hall, Chapman University, Orange, CA 92866
(714) 997-6843

Why Study Chinese?

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, it is spoken by over a billion people around the world and this number is ever growing! This means that Chinese will be a valuable asset to any student regardless of their professional pursuits or where they travel around the world. International businesses prefer to hire people who speak more than one language. China has become a huge market, and business leaders are looking for people who can speak Chinese and operate successfully in a Chinese cultural context.