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As a student of Italian, you will develop in your ability to participate in the Italian culture and community, you will be invited to share in an immersive and fertile experience of Italy both here and abroad, and you will see opening in front of you Italy’s precious humanistic knowledge incased in the cultural history and artistic production of yesterday and today. Given the richness of Italian culture across many disciplines and sectors of the arts, Italian Studies provides a highly versatile area of study, complementing various career paths in performance, music, history, art history, film, business, and more. Regardless of your professional goals, the study of Italy, so central to the history of the evolution of western civilization, brings a liberal arts quality to your education.

Alumni Highlight
Ayuj Consul ’22
“As a writer, filmmaker, & artist interested in language, history, & cultural exchanges, I am sure that my connection to Italy will continue to give me great wisdom & inspiration in years to come.”
Alumni Highlight
Grace Montgomery ’22
“The awareness of differing cultural practices has helped me adjust to a global corporation & improve my ability to interact with diverse cultures.”
Alumni Highlight
Sarina Welsh '20
“The connections I have made while studying in the Italian Track of Global Communication and World Languages have opened up many opportunities for me. Having specific knowledge about a culture and language, and knowing how to communicate with people from different cultures have been valuable skills that others have sought after.”
Alumni Highlight Alessandra Sternberg 2018
Alumni Highlight
Alessandra Sternberg '18
"The Italian Studies major gave me the opportunity to deepen my own Italian heritage as well as to combine my passion for film with the study of Italian language, literature, and culture. I was able to actively participate and experience the Italian lifestyle directly through many rewarding experiences.”
Alumni Highlights
Briana Salatino '18
“Taking the opportunity to really delve into Italian language through my self-designed major had great impact. I find that because of my experiences navigating a foreign country, practicing a foreign language and immersing myself in new ways of thinking, I’m able to pivot and adjust easily in a professional context.”
Alumni Highlights
Massimo Lesti '18
“My minor in Italian Studies and several trips to Italy were useful in learning more about the geographical origins and pronunciations of various wine varietals, as well as giving me the practical know-how to be independent and confident in running my own share of the larger business."
Alumni Highlight
Melissa Marino '17
"Being involved with the Italian Studies program at Chapman changed the course of both my college and post-grad career. The education I received from the incredible professors here challenged me and stretched me as well as provided me with a myriad of new opportunities.”
  • Coursework
  • Cluster and Minor
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Our program offers a full range of instruction from elementary language classes to upper level courses in Italian culture and society. Students acquire proficiency and fluency in the classroom through immersion in Italian paced to build linguistic competence and foster understanding of the artistic traditions and cultural history of Italy. Upper level courses further develop the students’ critical use of the language as well as knowledge of Italy. While introducing students to interdisciplinary research in cultural studies, the curriculum also aims to nurture connections with the students’ professional goals and personal interests; therefore, students also choose to complete coursework by drawing from the rich disciplinary range of academic opportunities relating to Italian culture available at Chapman University.

    You can integrate a focus on Italian alongside your other major/s and minors with an Italian Studies Multidisciplinary Cluster (12 credits) or with a minor (21 credits), or you can choose to make it a central component of your studies by enrolling in the B.A. in Global Communication and World Languages/Italian (48 credits) or by creating a self-designed B.A. in Italian Studies (27+ credits).

  • Inter/Multidisciplinary Cluster in Italian Studies. The cluster is open to all majors and allows students to bring an introductory exploration of the language and culture of Italy into their education. It consists of four courses (12 credits), of which ITAL 201 can be one, drawing from a broad list of offerings across various field. For more information, please visit the general education pages and review related section in the Italian Studies Advising Guide.

    Minor in Italian Studies. The minor is open to all majors and allows students to reach advanced proficiency in Italian, gain an understanding of key facets of Italian modern and contemporary culture, and deepen specific disciplinary areas of interest. It consists of seven courses (21 credits), of which ITAL 201 can be one, fulfills Chapman University’s Language Requirement, and allows for some sharing with other General Education requirements and the student’s major.

    You can declare a minor at any point. Here is how:

    • Complete a Change of Major/Minor Form (scroll down and choose the correct PDF form for your catalog year).
    • If this is your first minor, you can email it directly to the Registrar's Office (aps@chapman.edu). If this is your second minor, please send form to pacchion@chapman.edu for program director approval.
  • The Self-Designed B.A. in Italian Studies. Best suited for self-directed students aiming at a high level of language proficiency and advanced cultural studies research, this degree plan capitalizes on the interdisciplinary nature of Italian Studies by offering students the opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor in designing a personalized study plan. By drawing from the wide array of courses offered at Chapman University in art, history, culture, media, and more, the self-designed major allows for the opening up new of directions across existing disciplines and career paths and the discovery and application of the student’s distinct critical and creative perspective and goals. For more information Access the Form for a Self-Designed Major.

    The B.A. in Global Communication and World Languages (Italian). This degree is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to combine their interests in Italian with the study of evidence–based communication approaches to create shared meaning and understanding of messages. Students become productive global citizens as they learn how to engage in rigorous application of communication theory and research while increasing linguistic and practical skills and broadening their awareness of culture to prepare for the global workplace. Graduates are in high demand as they combine core communication skills with high-level proficiency in a world language. They will be able to pursue careers in diplomacy, government, health care professions, journalism, NGOs, philanthropic organizations with international reach and more. The nine-credit hour Capstone sequence, which includes a service learning course/internship, intensive research in their chosen language, and a senior seminar in the global workplace, will provide students with hands on experience, which future employers will value. The major consists of 45 credits taken through the School of Communication and Italian Studies. For more information, click here.

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We are a group of committed professors dedicated to assisting individual students in growing both personally and professionally. We will look forward to sharing with you our special and unique connection with Italy and life-long study of its culture.

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