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It is recommended that you save a copy of any form you submit for your personal records. To enable the updatable forms to work properly, please use the latest versions of the free Acrobat Reader software, or open the forms using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. 

All forms must be submitted by students to the Office of the University Registrar via their Chapman email, or received directly from a Chapman University academic department. Printed, signed, completed forms may be submitted to the University Registrar via fax to (714) 628-2707.

**To fill out Updatable PDF Forms: Using Adobe Acrobat, key-in the required information before printing (Mac Preview and other applications will not store information correctly). Tab over to each field, or click on each item to update. Save the form, print and sign it, then submit. 

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Graduate Student Forms

Undergraduate Student Change of Major/Minor/Themed Inquiry Forms

Change of Major/Minor forms to be submitted to the University Registrar can be sent to aps@chapman.edu.  

To change a major or minor, students must use the Change of Major/Minor Forms below to ensure they are selecting the form tailored to their own catalog year. All change of major requests will require approval from the new major department chair, while only some change of minor requests will require approval, which are indicated on the form.

To obtain approval, students should send the completed forms directly to the Academic Departments. For Information on which major or minor require additional application process, link to Academic Advising's page, Change or Add Majors and Minors.

If the request is approved, the department faculty or staff will send the completed form to the University Registrar's email: aps@chapman.edu with the statement in the email that the student was admitted to the major or minor. The Academic Department submitting the form will copy the student on their Panther email.

It is recommended that these forms be opened in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. If using Firefox or Safari, please download and save the form before editing. To enable the updatable PDF forms to work properly when completing the form, please use the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat

Select the correct catalog year. The student's catalog year can be found on the program evaluation. Students may log in to studentcenter.chapman.edu and select Program Evaluation from the drop down menu of their Student Center.