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photo of Bradley Brooks

Bradley Brooks

(714) 744-7987
Bradley Brooks is the 2021-2022 UPB Chair. He is a senior double major in Public Relations and Advertising & Strategic and Corporate Communication. This past year, Bradley served as the Special Events & Traditions Director, and the year prior he served as the Late Night Entertainment Director where he was able to plan exciting events such as Club Safari and Drag Show! In his free time, Bradley loves watching Drag Race and listening to his favorite artist, Taylor Swift. This year, he is elated to continue his work with the University Program Board and guide the executive team in planning his favorite events: Fall Concert, Midnight Breakfast, and Drag Show.
photo of Isabella Capri

Isabella Capri

Special Events & Traditions Director
(714) 744-7987
Isabella Capri is the 2021-2022 UPB Special Events and Traditions Director. She is a junior majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Broadcast Journalism. Outside of her on-campus job, Isabella is involved in Greek life as a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. In her free time, Isabella enjoys trips to Disneyland, beach days, and exploring new coffee shops. One of Isabella's favorite UPB events is Midnight Breakfast.
photo of Grace Larey

Grace Larey

Off-Campus Trips Director
(714) 744-7987
Grace Larey is the 2021-2022 UPB Off Campus Trips Director. She is a junior majoring in Film Production and minoring in Advertising. In her free time, Grace likes to practice film photography and listen to music. She is very excited to plan some fun off-campus trips and enjoy other committee's events this year. Grace’s favorite UPB event is Midnight Breakfast.
photo of Allie Sondak

Allie Sondak

Daytime Entertainment Director
(714) 744-7987
Allie Sondak is the 2021-2022 UPB Daytime Entertainment Director. She is a junior from San Diego majoring in Integrated Educational Studies with a Psychology minor. Allie is involved in student organizations including Chapman Club 55, CU Jump Rope Club, the Attallah College Mentorship Program, and she is a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority! In her free time, Allie enjoys cooking, spending time with friends and family, and going on spontaneous trips to Disneyland! Her favorite event that UPB hosts is Midnight Breakfast.
photo of Katelyn Snook

Katelyn Snook

Late Night Entertainment Director
(714) 744-7987
Katelyn Snook is the 2021-2022 UPB Late Night Entertainment Director. She is a junior majoring in Film Production with an emphasis in Production Design and minoring in Game Development Programming. She is an active member of Delta Kappa Alpha and is currently a Resident Advisor for Chapman's RLFYE. In her free time, Katelyn enjoys doing arts and crafts and exploring the Circle. Her favorite UPB events are Fall and Spring Concert!
photo of Rebecca Dieker

Rebecca Dieker

Marketing Director
(714) 744-7987
Rebecca Dieker is the 2021-2022 UPB Marketing Director. She is a senior majoring in Business Administration & Accounting with an emphasis in Marketing and is minoring in the Honors Program. In Rebecca’s free time, she likes journaling, arts and crafts, making Spotify playlists, and calling into radio station contests. Rebecca’s favorite UPB events are Fall Concert and Spring Speaker, and she is very excited to run the marketing campaigns for those this year!
photo of Kaitlyn Gong

Kaitlyn Gong

Promotions Assistant
(714) 744-7987
Kaitlyn Gong is the 2021-2022 UPB Promotions Assistant. She is a sophomore Public Relations & Advertising major with a Music Business minor from the Bay Area, and is so excited to finally be on campus! When she’s not working on social media strategy for UPB, Kaitlyn loves making Spotify playlists and traveling. Her favorite UPB event thus far has been Spring Speaker, but she is most excited for Fall Concert this year!
photo of Naomi Cho

Naomi Cho

Graphic Designer
(714) 744-7987
Naomi Cho is the 2021-2022 UPB Graphic Designer. She is a sophomore studying Creative Producing at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts! Besides designing graphics and making films, she enjoys playing Candy Crush and Minecraft, binge-watching TV shows and movies, and listening to music from Tomorrow by Together or BTS. Her favorite UPB event so far has been Zoom with Josh Peck, and her favorite design she's made is the UPB Orange Juice Box Pin!
photo of Tanya Vaghela

Tanya Vaghela

Graduate Assistant
(714) 744-7987
Tanya Vaghela is the 2021-2022 UPB Graduate Assistant. She is pursuing a master's degree in Leadership Development. She graduated from Chapman University with a B.S. in Business Administration with a management emphasis. During her undergraduate experience at Chapman, she was actually a member of the University Program Board! After being a member for four years, she is honored to serve as an advisor and see UPB from a different perspective. In her free time, she loves to bake, paint, travel, and spend time with family and friends. Tanya's favorite UPB event is Spring Sizzle.
photo of Negeen Dagher

Negeen Dagher

(714) 516-5704
Negeen Dagher is the Program Coordinator for the Department of Student Engagement and Advisor to UPB. She is a two-time alumna of Chapman University having earned a B.A. in Strategic and Corporate Communication and M.A. in Leadership Development. She was also a member of UPB as an undergraduate student! Negeen is passionate about student development and community building in higher education. She is keen to fostering a positive campus environment and developing meaningful learning experiences for students outside of the classroom. Negeen’s favorite UPB event is Spring Sizzle.

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