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Incoming Undergraduates & Families

The Healthy Panther

» The Healthy Panther Initiative

The Healthy Panther Initiative (HPI) is a required program for all new first-year and transfer undergraduate students. The program provides valuable information and empowers students to:

  • Make informed choices and practice safer sex behaviors.
  • Prevent sexual violence.
  • Maintain physical and social health.
  • Make responsible decisions regarding the use of drugs and alcohol.

The program also challenges students to utilize effective strategies and skills that can help keep them on track as they accomplish their educational goals. 


Program Rundown

Choicepoints Lite: This is an interactive presentation that reminds students of the many potential physical, mental and social consequences that can occur as a result of drug and alcohol abuse, including driving under the influence, the potential for sexual assault, the spread of STD/STIs, the dangers of alcohol poisoning and other related high-risk behaviors. Choicepoints Lite sessions are scheduled during Orientation.

C.A.R.E.S. Bystander Intervention Video

Everyone at Chapman is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe campus environment. Bystander intervention is an important part of that. Watch our video to learn more.