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Academic and Housing Accommodations

» Academic and Housing Accommodations

Chapman is committed to providing an equitable living and learning experience. We support students who have a documented disability covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. 

Academic Accommodations

Our Disability Services (DS) department is here to help you achieve academic success at Chapman. DS provides the accommodations you need to excel in your coursework, including:

  • Additional testing time
  • Less distracting testing environment
  • Notetaking assistance.
  • Permission to audio record lectures.
  • Real-time captioning services.
  • Accessible tables and chairs in classrooms.
  • Books in alternate formats.

Head to the Disability Services site to learn how to register for academic accommodations, get more information or contact them with questions or comments.

Housing Accommodations

When it comes to housing and dining accessibility at Chapman, our Residence Life and First Year Experience (RLFYE) office provides accommodations for documented disabilities (e.g. physical, medical, mental, psychiatric, sensory, etc.).

See our Housing Accessibility page to request housing accommodations, get more info or contact the office of Residence Life with questions or comments.

A note on privacy

We value your privacy and do not ask for more information about your disability than is necessary for us to provide the appropriate accommodations. When you provide information about your disability to us, we do not share it with anyone, including your roommates or professors.

What’s the best way to get the help you need with your disability?

Being proactive! Here are a few tips for being proactive about your disability at Chapman and making sure all your needs are being met.

  • Register with Disability Services (for classroom accommodations) as soon as possible by in-person meeting or virtually. If you utilized accommodations in your current or recent past classes, then you will likely need them at Chapman See our Disability Services site for instructions on how to register.
  • Don’t forget to submit your Disability Accommodation Request form (for dorm-related accommodations if needed) before the housing application deadline. Requests received after the deadline cannot be guaranteed. You can find the form on our Housing Accessibility page.
  • You are in more control of your accommodations in higher education. Disability Services will approve your accommodation and explain how you use them when needed. Therefore, if you use accommodations at your current school, you should know what they are and why you are using them. We will try to replicate those supports here at Chapman.