» Transfer Credit and Articulation

Chapman University articulation staff determine the transferability of coursework taken at other institutions and provides transfer credit approval service to Chapman students.

Articulation Specialists at the Registrar's Office evaluate courses for degree credit, or for credit toward general education and general transferability. The articulation team evaluates transfer credits within established university policies and guidelines. They also evaluate the transferability of some lower division major prerequisites, or their equivalencies to specific Chapman courses, based on department guidelines.


Thinking of transferring to Chapman University? Please go to our Transfer Admission site

Prospective students work with the Office of Admission for any transfer related inquiries. Resources on this page are available to answer general questions related to how tests and transfer courses are accepted. The Search Transfer Approvals resource listed at the bottom of this page allows public access to view previously approved courses. In addition, users can create a list of courses from an institution and preview how credits may be applied upon transfer. 

TO CHECK if the college-level coursework completed at other institutions may be eligible for transfer credit, use the following search tools in the Registrar's Office' sites:

TO SEARCH for pre-approved transfer courses, or to view previously approved courses, use the search tool listed below:

Course approvals listed on the Transfer Course Approvals link do not include actual converted credit values. Approvals displayed include course and/or requirement designation, but it does not confirm the credit amounts that will transfer. See Transfer Credit Policies and Guidelines for information related to credit conversion.