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Chapman has a wide breadth of honor societies on campus, each with their own set of qualifications to join.

Below are all of the organizations along with what they require to accept a member:

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Alpha Kappa Delta - Sociology

  • Officially declared sociology major or demonstrate a serious interest in sociology
  • Junior standing
  • 3.0 GPA both overall and in sociology courses
  • Completed at least four sociology classes prior to initiation

National website: http://www.alphakappadelta.org/

Beta Beta Beta - Biology

  • Completed five semesters
  • Maintain a B average over at least three biology courses, of which one must not be an introductory course
  • Maintain a good academic standing
  • Anyone is eligible to become an associate member

National website: http://www.tri-beta.org/

Gamma Beta Phi - Community Service

  • Enrolled at Chapman and committed to excellence in education, good character, and service
  • Completed 12 units
  • GPA in top 20 percent of class

National website: http://www.gammabetaphi.org/

Kappa Delta Pi - Education

Undergraduate Requirements

  • Open to all students (in IES and other majors) who have the intent to continue academically and professionally in the field of education and whose GPA is in the top 20% of their respective major (national requirement)
  • Demonstrate leadership attributes
  • Have at least 30 credit hours of collegiate coursework completed
  • Min. of 12 of the 30 credit hours must have been completed at Chapman
  • Min. of 6 credit hours in IES/EDUC coursework completed + 6 in progress = a total of 12 education credits complete/underway
  • Demonstrate a cumulative grade-point average of 3.7 or greater
  • Members must continue to remain in the top 20% of their class to remain active in the chapter

Graduate Requirements

  • Open to graduate students who have the intent to continue academically and professionally in the field of education
  • Demonstrate leadership attributes
  • Have a minimum of 6 credit hours of graduate coursework completed at Chapman
  • Have a minimum of 12 credit hours in education coursework in progress or completed
  • Demonstrate a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater for all graduate coursework
  • Must continue to maintain a 3.5 GPA to remain active in the chapter

National website: https://www.kdp.org/

Lambda Pi Eta - Communications

  • Completed at least 60 semester units and 12 credits in Communications Studies courses
  • Overall minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Major minimum GPA of 3.3

National website: http://www.natcom.org/lambdapieta/

Mortar Board

  • Selected by society for distinguished ability and achievement in scholarship, leadership, and service

National website: http://www.mortarboard.org/

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

  • By invitation only to students in all disciplines
  • Completed at least 12 credit hours, but not more than 60
  • First or second year student at time of affirmation
  • Attain at least a 3.4 GPA and be in the top 20 percent of their class

National website: http://www.nscs.org/

National Society of Leadership and Success

  • Open to anyone enrolled at Chapman University
  • Pending Members: paid national dues
  • Normal Members: paid national dues and attended at least three speakers, three consecutive Success Networking Team meetings, completed a SAP Leadership Training, and is in good standing with the local chapter and institution
  • Presidential Members: done everything above and also has a GPA of at least 3.3

National website: https://www.societyleadership.org/

Phi Alpha Theta - History

  • Completed 12 units in history classes
  • Minimum GPA in history classes of 3.1
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0

National website: http://phialphatheta.org/

Phi Sigma Tau - Philosophy

  • Philosophy major or minor
  • Completed three semesters or five quarters of college coursework
  • Ranked in the top 35 percent of the class
  • Completed at least two semester courses or three quarter courses in philosophy with an average grade of over the second highest grade of the working scale

National website: https://phi-sigma-tau.org/

Pi Sigma Alpha - Political Science

  • 3.0 overall GPA
  • 3.5 GPA in Political Science
  • 12 hours of Upper Division Political Science courses

National website: http://office2248.wix.com/pi-sigma-alpha

Psi Chi - Psychology

  • Completed at least three semesters or five quarters of the college course
  • Completed nine semester hours or fourteen quarter hours of psychology courses with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in those courses
  • Registered for major or minor standing in psychology or for a program psychological in nature which is equivalent to such standings
  • Ranked in the top 35% of the class
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0

National website: http://www.psichi.org/

Sigma Iota Rho - International Studies

  • Master’s candidate for International Studies who has completed at least one semester of graduate level work or
  • An undergraduate with junior or senior standing who has completed at least twenty-one (21) units of coursework in anthropology, economics, foreign languages, history, peace studies, political science, or related  disciplines, including two courses at the 300 or 400 level.
  • Must achieve and maintain a GPA of 3.3

National website: http://www.sigmaiotarho.org/

Sigma Tau Delta - English

  • Completed at least three semesters
  • Completed at least two courses in English literature or language beyond the requirements for Freshman English
  • Have at least a B average both in English courses and overall
  • Anyone who is not able to become a member of the national organization can still become a member of the Chapman chapter and go to meetings and events

National website: http://www.english.org/sigmatd/

Theta Alpha Kappa - Religious Studies

  • Completed a minimum of twelve semester credits in courses representing Religious Studies or Theological Studies
  • Minimum 3.5 GPA in Religious Studies or Theological Studies Courses
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA overall
  • Ranked in the top 35% of the class

National website: http://www.thetaalphakappa.net/