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2018 Registration

» Steps To Register

+ - 1. Learn to use Your Chapman Student Center

  1. Log-in to to access the Student Center.
  2. View your Enrollment Appointment Date & Time in your Student Center.
  3. To learn how to navigate the Student Center, view tutorials at
  4. To view the registration calendar dates see Registration Timeline.
  5. The best browsers to use for registration are Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

+ - 2. Clear any Holds Posted in Your Student Center

  1. Check for HOLDS that may prevent registration in your Student Center to resolve them prior to registration.
  2. Learn more about Business Office HOLDS and how to clear them by contacting the Student Business Services Office
  3. To clear a missing Official Transcripts HOLD, submit official transcripts from transfer institutions to the Registrar's Office.

+ - 3. Meet with Your Program Advisor and Academic Advising

  1. Undergraduate students may make appointments with advisors at the Academic Advising Center to review non-major degree requirements prior to registration. 
  2. To review major degree requirements, students may meet with their faculty Program Advisor.
  3. Prior to registration and meeting with advisors, students may run their Program Evaluations to review their requirements status.

+ - 4. Validate Your Class Schedule Before Registration

  1. To learn how to validate, choose to view the video tutorial at and select the topic, "Building Your Shopping Cart".
  2. When selecting the PDF tutorial, see items #10 and 11 in the "General Student Center Reference Guide".
  3. Validating your selected classes allows you to review and resolve any potential conflicts or restrictions before your registration appointment.
  4. Your class selections that are in Waitlists can also be validated.

+ - 5. Register for Classes With Permission Numbers

  1. On or after your Enrollment Appointment, register the classes in your Shopping Cart.
  2. To request an override on section requirements or restrictions for which you do not automatically qualify, obtain a Permission Number from the approving department, or submit Registration Forms at the Registrar's Office with signatures of approval.
  3. To learn how to use a Permission Number, see the guide to Using a Permission Number.

+ - 6. Managing Your Waitlist

  1. If you are at the top of the waitlist for a class, and a seat becomes available, you will be automatically enrolled in the class, provided you validated the class. The class validation would have confirmed that you did not have any holds that would have prevented your registration, and the meeting days and times of the class did not conflict with any of your enrolled classes. Automatic registration by the Waitlist Process will send students an email notification of successful enrollment to the waitlisted class.
  2. To set up a SWAP option on waitlisted classes, choose to view the video tutorial at and select the topic, "Swapping Classes".
  3. You may also review items #8 and 9, from the "Registration Waitlist FAQs" at
  4. At the start of each term, the waitlists will STOP processing requests automatically. Remaining students on waitlists will need to obtain the instructor's signature approval to be enrolled in closed or waitlisted classes.

+ - 7. Registration Deadlines

  1. Check the Academic Calendar for Registration deadline dates.
  2. Late Fee: To add classes or make changes to registration after the deadlines, a petition form and a $20 petition fee will be required.
  3. Waitlists on First Day of Term: At the start of the term, waitlists will stop processing automatically, and students will be required to obtain the instructor's permission to enroll in closed or waitlisted class.
  4. Add/Drop Period: During the first two weeks of the semester (see academic calendar for Interterm and Summer), students may add or drop courses to change their schedules, change grading options to Audit, or drop courses without record of enrollment.
  5. Administrative Drop on First Day of Class: Students who do not attend the first class meeting of their enrolled class may be administratively dropped unless they contact the instructor prior to the class. To request re-enrollment to the class, the student must contact the instructor before the end of the Add/Drop period.
  6. Approval Required on All Adds: Starting on the second week of the semester (see academic calendar for Interterm and Summer), students adding a class are required to obtain the instructor's signature of approval.
  7. Internships and Individual Study Deadline: The end of the fifth week of the semester (see academic calendar for Interterm and Summer), is the deadline to register for internships, experiential learning projects, individual study, and reading & conference.
  8. Withdraw Period: All classes dropped between the third and the tenth week of the semester (see academic calendar for Interterm and Summer), are marked with a non-punitive notation of "W" indicating the withdrawal.
    The end of the Withdraw Period is also the deadline for changing grading options (P/NP or Letter Grade), or change the number of credits in courses with variable credits.

+ - 8. Registration to Individual Study, Internships, Research, Travel and Study Abroad

  1. To register for special studies such as Individual Study, Internships, Student & Faculty Research and Reading & Conference, students must complete the required registration form at and apply at the designated department indicated on the form by the specified deadline.
  2. To register for Study Abroad, see Center for Global Education
  3. To register for Travel Courses, see

+ - 9. How are Registration Dates Assigned?

  1. Freshmen register after Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores.
  2. Registration assignments are based on students' completed credits. Transcripts for transfer credits must be received by the deadline (see Registration Timeline for dates).
  3. Most 100 and 200 level classes are reserved for Freshmen students.
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