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Summer & Fall 2020 Registration

» Using Permission Numbers

1. When your Enrollment Appointment comes up and you are ready to register a class using a Permission Number: a) search for the class, b) enter the Permission Number in the box labeled, "Permission Nbr", and c) click on the "NEXT" button.

Enter Permission Number

2. The class with the Permission Number is validated and added to your Shopping Cart. Select the sections to enroll from your Shopping Cart, then click on the green box labeled "Proceed To Step 2 of 3."

Proceed to 2 of 3

3. Step 2 confirms which classes you selected from the Shopping Cart are ready to be enrolled. After confirming your selection, enroll the classes by clicking on the green box labeled, "Finish Enrolling".

Finish Enrollment

If you have already added a course to your Shopping Cart and then received a Permission Number afterwards, you will need to remove the course from the Shopping Cart first and then follow the steps to finish enrolling the class using a Permission Number.