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Below are links to useful resources for students as they lead, manage, and develop their Chapman student organization.

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Student Organizations Policies and Procedures

The Student Organizations Policies and Procedures guide consolidates campus policies and procedures that will assist organizations in contributing successfully to Chapman. This guide is not all encompassing; student organizations should work alongside the Department of Student Engagement to ensure all applicable policies are met.


Presidents' Meetings

Presidents' Meetings are held monthly throughout the year to help train student organization leadership on policies and procedures, allow for networking opportunities, and develop community within Chapman University clubs.


President's Meeting, February 2020


Engage will help you to do the following:

  •  Recruit new members (invite interested students)
  •  Track membership (contact information, attendance, etc.)
  •  Communicate with your members (mass texting, emails, announcements)
  •  Share files (pictures, video, applications, directions, etc.)
  •  Centralize your calendar of events (customizes for Exec Board vs general membership)
  •  Assign tasks (create to-do lists for annual events or daily tasks)
  •  Submit your End of Semester report to the Student Organizations team

25Live Calendaring System

25Live is Chapman’s online room scheduling system for rooms and spaces. Access to 25Live requires unique login information by organization. In order to request access to 25Live for your organization, please complete this request form. Please contact your Student Organization Assistant (studentorgs@chapman.edu) with any questions about your 25Live access.

For step by step instructions on how to request an event using 25Live, please follow this guide.

Student Events Advisory Committee

The Student Events Advisory Committee (SEAC) was created as a time-saving event planning resource for students. This committee is comprised of the representatives from the following offices:

SEAC is held in the Student Union Stage Area every Friday from 12-1 p.m.. Drop by to meet with representatives from the above offices to assist with planning your event successfully!

Themed Parties

Choosing attire, decorations, slogans, music, or foods related to a certain theme may be considered when planning an event, activity or party. However, many popular themes are offensive and can be insulting to specific individuals or groups.

Themes addressing identities such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, socioeconomic class, or geographic region and are not used in a celebratory or educational manner should be reconsidered. If you plan on using a theme for an event, ensure that it is appropriate and not demeaning to any person, group, or population. Please consider consulting a Student Engagement staff member who will advise you on ways of ensuring you are representing the individual or group authentically. You may also choose to be more general in your theme (e.g. beach party instead of lu’au). If there is even a slight chance that the theme will mimic, mock or stereotype a particular individual or group, please consider its impact and/or select a different theme.

If you would like assistance in evaluating your theme, please contact studentorgs@chapman.edu.  

Organization Funding

All student organizations at Chapman are responsible for following the University Fiscal Policy.

Club Accounts - Recognized student organizations may request an on-campus account by submitting this form. Once approved, all clubs must meet with a Student Organization Assistant for a New Club Account Orientation.

SGA Funding - Clubs and organizations recognized by the Department of Student Engagement may apply for funds through the Student Government Association using the Student Org Funding Application. Visit the SGA Finance page to find more information and forms for organization funding & conference scholarships.

Student Organization Conduct

Organizations, clubs, teams, club sports, committees, or similar organized student groups whether recognized or unrecognized by the University, are subject to standards of conduct similar to those for individual students in the University community. Student groups should be full cognizant that they may be held accountable through the University's conduct system for their behavior and the behavior of their members representing them. Please refer to the Student Conduct Code for more information.

Campus Publicity Options

Here are some quick links to the most popular publicity venues:

Flyers and other methods of marketing must meet the regulations in the Posting Policy.

Officer Transition

Review our workshop on how to transition from one executive board to the next to help your organization continue its success.

End of Semester Report

All student organizations that are officially recognized by Chapman University must complete an End of Semester report every semester to be in good standing (and to be eligible for a Student Organization Award). Fall reports are due in late November/early December, and Spring reports are due mid April/early May. Any questions about this report should be directed to your Student Organization Assistant at studentorgs@chapman.edu.

There are two parts to this report that will be completed on Engage:

  • Renew the club/organization profile (including uploading a membership roster and updated constitution)
  • Completing a survey on SurveyMonkey

We Can Help!

As a student organization leader, you have many responsibilities. Our Student Organization Assistants are available to assist you with any questions you have or to help you navigate through campus event planning. 

Contact us at studentorgs@chapman.edu or stop by Argyros Forum 303 to catch us in the office.

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