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Many students experience some form of academic difficulty during their college career.  For some students, they may simply struggle through a class or two in a single semester. For others, academic difficulty may be more severe and/or long lasting. Whatever the situation, there are many ways you can make connections with staff, faculty and fellow students who may help you overcome the difficulties you have been experiencing.

As a student on academic probation, the two most important steps you can take are:

  1. Gain as much information as possible about your individual academic situation
  2. Develop a plan to return to good academic standing in the following semester

The advisors in the Academic Advising Center are ready to assist you with this effort. The first thing you should do is make an appointment with your advisor prior to the end of the second week of the term. 

Your advisor will make recommendations based on your individual situation, which may include utilizing any or all of the following resources:

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Tutoring, Learning, and Testing Center (TLT)

The Tutoring, Learning, and Testing Center provides tutoring with no additional fee in a variety of subjects to all undergraduate students at Chapman. You can also take advantage of supplemental instruction in some courses. Also housed in DeMille Hall 130 with the TLT is the Writing Center.

Student Psychological Counseling Services (SPCS)

Student Psychological Counseling Services (SPCS) provide students with counseling services to help them function successfully in the academic environment.

Disability Services

The Disability Services office is designed to help students who have average or above average potential for learning and who exhibit severe difficulties in at least one academic area.  Services are only available after a student has registered and presents certified, current documentation of the disability from a medical or educational specialist.

Career and Professional Development

The AAC works closely with Career and Professional Development in helping students to explore majors and careers, internship opportunities and graduate school options.

Dean of Students

The staff of the Dean of Students Office are advocates for student learning. They will work with you to enhance your experience both inside and outside the classroom, and assist you when you are experiencing difficulties that might have a negative impact on your learning.

GPA Calculator

Using this GPA Calculator, the advisors in the AAC will show you how your Chapman GPA was calculated, and how you can calculate your required GPA that will put you back in good standing. This tool is useful in calculating cumulative GPA.