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Student Outreach and Support

» Student Outreach and Support

We provide outreach and support to students with significant and complex concerns regarding their health, well-being, and behavior. Our office works with students to make sure they are aware of their strengths, the resources available to them and help them navigate the University policies and systems.

Some Things We Do

  • Assist students to connect with on and off campus resources for academic, social, and personal growth.
  • Provide direct outreach to students in situations involving complex wellness concerns.
  • Collaborate with faculty, friends and families to share advice on how to best support a student’s needs while balancing their own needs and need for support.
  • Work with campus partners to identify and advocate against barriers to student success, when appropriate.

What We Believe

The Dean of Students office believes that students must be engaged, active learners with a sense of agency and ownership over their education. Therefore, generally we will:

  • Expect students to engage in a personal, interactive process prior to receiving any guidance.
  • Expect that a student communicate directly with faculty, staff, administrators, etc., except in exceptional cases.
  • Trust that students will closely monitor their academic progress, including deadlines and communications via University email and systems such as Canvas.
  • Respect a student's decision on whether to use Chapman’s resources. Except in severe situations involving significant safety concerns, our office does not require engagement with support services or monitor progress after engagement.