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Order of Omega

Order of Omega is a National Greek Life Honor Society. Chapman University criteria for membership include affiliation in a Greek Life organization, a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher, junior class standing, and involvement within the Greek Life community. Chapman University currently has about 50 students involved in this organization!

Order of Omega's cornerstone program, at Chapman University, is Greek Awards. They plan the program, run the judging and selection process, solidify logistics, and so much more! They also support Greek Life chapter specific programming by participating in their philanthropic events and the organization has social events throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Below are the winners of the last two Greek Awards:

2017 Greek Awards

Group of 100+ student in front of Memorial Hall

Group of students in front of memorial hall showing their greek life symbols


Students in Order of Omega:
Veronica Yim     Tessa King     Taylor Thomas     Sterling Swift
  Veroninca Yim           Tessa King          Taylor Thomas        Sterling Swift      
Stephanie Wigley     Shana Kheradyer       Seth Sukalin     Sebastain Rafii
Stephanie Wigley    Shayna Kheradyer      Seth Sukalin        Sebastain Rafii
Sarah Walling      Samantha Souveroff     Orly Shapiro    Natasha Kashani
Sarah Walling          Samantha Souveroff     Orly Shapiro      Natasha Kashani 
Morgan Vaughn     Mitch Martino     Michaela Perry    Megan Hertz-Jansen
Morgan Vaughn         Mitch Martino        Michaela Perry Megan Hertz-Jansen
Maria Harfouche     Madison Murphy   Kyra finley     Ketzia Abramson
Maria Harfouche     Madison Murphy        Kyra Finley         Ketzia Abramson
Kelvin Hoppel     Kayla Brons       Kaitlin Wong       Justin Thompson
Kelvin Hoppel             Kayla Brons             Kaitlin Wong          Justin Thompson 
Julie Remen    Joshua Lueng        Jenna Dietrich       Jeanette Gritton
Julie Remen              Joshua Lueng            Jenna Dietrich        Jeanette Gritton 
Jake Henke    Harrison Holetz       Emma Whiteley     Emily Bernstein
Jake Henke               Harrison Holetz      Emma Whiteley       Emily Bernstein
Danielle Barrow   Dana Vengrow        Clayton Dirkse       Christina Greico
Danielle Barrow     Dana Vengrow           Clayton Dirkse         Christina Greico
Catherine Roche     Carrie Smith         Carolyn Crosby   Carli Aionia
Catherine Roche       Carrie Smith             Carolyn Crosby         Carli Aionia 
Bryce Anderson    Brianna Carcione        Bennett Tuleja    Ben Wasserman
Bryce Anderson      Brianna Carcione        Bennett Tuleja       Ben Wasserman 
Aubrey Van Dyke      Arianna Ghorbiannian        Allison White     Allison Knaggs
Aubrey Van Dyke   Arianna Ghorbiannian     Allison White       Allison Knaggs 
                            Alexandria Farmer                 Alan Peterson
                           Alexandria Farmer               Alan Peterson