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Chapman Commencement

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+ - Order Cap & Gown

In order to participate in Commencement exercises, graduates are required to wear official Chapman University regalia.

The deadline for online ordering is April 11th. Online orders may be placed via the link below

Order here: Chapman University Regalia

The Agora Gift Shop, located in Argyros Forum will have regalia available for purchase after the April 11th deadline. Please contact the Agora Gift Shop for more information (714) 997-6718

+ - Honor Cords

Undergraduate Seniors who are candidates for “Latin Honors at Commencement” have a 3.50 overall GPA (comprised of two components, a 3.5 Chapman GPA AND a 3.5 cumulative GPA including transfer work), have accumulated 54 Chapman-in-residence units taken for a letter grade and have applied for graduation. These students are eligible to purchase a cardinal and gray all-university Honors Cord. One cord signifies all levels of honors.

"Latin Honors at Commencement" are computed as of the end of the 2019 Interterm, because Commencement is held before spring semester grades are reported. If a student's final semester at Chapman raises the GPA to a level that qualifies him or her for Latin Honors, honors will be noted on the official transcript at degree completion. If a student's final semester at Chapman lowers the GPA under 3.50, Latin Honors will not be noted on the transcript.

Purchase and wearing of the honors cord is entirely optional. Cords will be available to purchase online and in the Agora Gift Shop in Argyros Forum.  

Honor cords are worn during Commencement around the shoulders with the tassels hanging down the front of the gown. Graduate students do not wear honors cords. Latin Honors at Commencement is only recognized by the honors cord; no notation is indicated in the Commencement Bulletin.

Order Here: Chapman University Honor Cords

+ - Stoles

The official Chapman University stole is available for purchase. 
Order here: Chapman University Regalia 

Stoles that indicate school/college, degree, major or any club affiliation are not available via the Commencement Office. Please connect with school/college or club for more information.

+ - Announcements

Students may wish to send printed announcements to friends and family to announce their achievement. Personalized Chapman University announcements will be available for online purchase.

Order Here: Chapman University Announcements

+ - Diploma Frames

Chapman bachelor's and master's diplomas are 8 1/2 by 11 inches in size, in a landscape format. Doctoral diplomas are 11 by 14 inches in size, in a landscape format. Frames will be available in the Agora Gift Shop in Argyros Forum.

+ - Chapman Rings

Personalized Chapman University rings are available for online purchase.

Order Here: Chapman University Rings

+ - Yearbook & Senior Portraits

Please visit the CEER webpage for more information about the Yearbook and Senior Photos.

+ - Ceremony Photographs

Event day pictures are provided by Commencement photo professionals from Best Grad Photo. A variety of poses and backgrounds will be available for online purchase in package groups that accommodate every budget.

+ - Flowers, Leis, & Bouquets

A professional florist will be onsite commencement weekend and will offer corsages, bouquets, and leis for purchase.

To pre-order, for pick up the on the day of your ceremony, visit our official commencement florist Graduation Bouquets

Commencement Deadlines

January 15: Deadline for degree conferral for May 2019

March 1: Commencement RSVP goes live online

March 1: Online regalia ordering for bachelors and masters grads goes live online

April 15: Commencement RSVP deadline for all graduates to guarantee listing in printed materials and tickets for Closing Convocation