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If you’re currently in an undergraduate program at Chapman University, you can start working on your master’s degree while completing your bachelor’s degree by taking an accelerated (4+1) program.

These programs let you earn your master’s degree with just one additional year of coursework on top of your bachelor’s degree. (That’s where the “4+1” comes from: four years for the bachelor’s degree and one additional year for the master’s.)

Am I Eligible?
Only current Chapman sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply for accelerated programs. If you are a Chapman senior or have already graduated college, you’ll want to check our regular graduate programs.

How do Accelerated Programs Work?

  • Apply during your junior year. (Sophomore year for the MA in Curriculum and Instruction program.)
  • Start taking graduate coursework during your senior year.
  • Complete one additional year of graduate coursework after completing your bachelor’s degree.

Which Master’s Programs Offer an Accelerated Option at Chapman?

More than a dozen graduate programs at Chapman offer an accelerated option. Here is a list of all of them.

Ready to Apply?

Follow these steps to apply to any accelerated program at Chapman.

Step 1: Meet with your Program Coordinator

First, you'll want to schedule a meeting with the Program Coordinator of the program you’re interested in. This meeting will help you make sure you are on track academically to enroll in an accelerated program.

To schedule the meeting, get in touch with the Graduate Admission Counselor for the program. We'll help you get hold of the Program Coordinator and schedule your meeting with them.

Step 2: Apply

Use our How to Apply page to apply to the graduate program that you want to enter. (Despite what the How to Apply page says, you won’t need to pay the application fee or submit your Chapman transcripts since you are already a Chapman student.)


  • MA in Curriculum and Instruction: January 15, 2022 (to start the program in Summer 2024).
  • MA in Film Studies: February 1, 2022 (to start the program in Fall 2023).
  • All other accelerated programs: There is no specific deadline to apply. You just need to apply by the end of your junior year.
Matthew Nwerem
For Matthew, the reward of earning an accelerated master's is worth the challenge as he combines an accelerated MS in Computational and Data Sciences degree with the BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology that he earned at Chapman.

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