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If you’re in an undergraduate program at Chapman, you can start working on your master’s degree while completing your bachelor’s degree!

In an Accelerated Graduate Program, you can complete your master’s degree with just one additional year of coursework.

How do accelerated programs work?

  • Apply using our general application during your junior year
  • Start taking graduate coursework during your senior year
  • Complete one additional year of graduate-only coursework after completing your bachelor’s degree

More than a dozen graduate programs offer an Accelerated Program. View the full list of programs below and learn more about applying.

Please note: only current Chapman University undergraduate students can apply to one of our Accelerated programs. If you are not currently enrolled at Chapman as an undergraduate student, then you are not eligible to apply for an Accelerated program. 

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Application Requirements

Before applying to an Accelerated Program, you should schedule a meeting with the program’s graduate department to learn more about the program and ensure you are able to complete an Accelerated Program with your current major and course schedule.

You can apply via the Chapman University General Application. Please note that:

*M.A. in Curriculum Instruction applicants are not required to submit letters of recommendation, but must list their recommenders information
  • Check your program’s specific requirements regarding a resume/CV. If one is required, please include any paid or unpaid experiences relevant to the program.
  • Check your program’s specific requirement regarding statement of intent. Some programs require specific topics to be addressed in your statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an Accelerated Graduate Program?

Accelerated Graduate Programs allow current Chapman undergraduate students to take up to 12 credits of graduate coursework while still enrolled in their undergraduate program, allowing them to complete their master’s degree with only one additional year of coursework.

What are the benefits of an accelerated graduate program?

You’ll save money. As an undergraduate student, you will continue paying the set amount for undergraduate tuition, without any additional charge for taking graduate courses (up to 12 credits).

You’ll save time. You’ll finish your graduate degree in just one year, after having completed your bachelor’s degree and enter the workforce that much sooner.

You’ll continue your education at a place you know. You won’t have to start over at a new school. You’ll already know what resources are available to you. You might even already know some of your professors in the graduate program.

Are there any upcoming information sessions for Accelerated Programs?

When we have a general info session for our Accelerated Programs scheduled, you can find more information on our information session web page.

What term should I apply for?

While you will need to start the application process for an accelerated program during your junior year, the term you are applying for will be the term you actually would become a graduate student, the semester after you complete your bachelor’s degree. For instance, if your undergraduate coursework will be completed in May, you would apply for summer or fall of that same year. If you are unsure what term to apply for, check with the graduate program directly.

Can I just start taking classes my senior year and then apply for an Accelerated Graduate Program?

No, you must apply for, and be admitted into an Accelerated Graduate Program before the start of your senior year, and before you begin taking graduate courses. View application requirements and begin the application here.

Is there a deadline to apply?

If you are applying to the Accelerated MACI program for a Summer 2022 start, you must apply by January 15, 2020.

If you are applying to the Accelerated M.A. in Film Studies program, please note that the program has a strict deadline. The deadline to apply for Fall 2021 is December 15, 2019. 

For all other Accelerated programs there is no specific deadline to apply. You just need to apply by the end of your junior year.

I want to apply. Now what?

Reach out to the graduate program’s coordinator and complete the Accelerated Program Advising Sheet together to ensure you are on track to successfully enroll in the Accelerated Graduate program of your choice.

When should I apply?

For most Accelerated programs, you will need to apply and be admitted to the program prior to the end of your junior year*. This will ensure you register and enroll in graduate courses in the fall semester of your senior year.

Contact the graduate admission office or the specific graduate department for more details.

* The M.A. in Curriculum Instruction requires students to apply for the accelerated program during their sophomore year so they can start taking classes in their junior year. Contact their department directly for additional details.

I’ve been admitted! Now what?

Log into your application status page to “Reply to Your Offer of Admission.” This will allow you to electronically accept your offer of admission. Once this step is completed, you will be able to register for graduate courses!

How do I know which classes I need to take?

Meeting with the specific graduate program you are applying to is important for a seamless transition into an accelerated program. The graduate department will advise you through which courses to enroll in. You'll also need to complete the Undergraduate Request to Register for Graduate Course form when registering for your graduate courses.

When do I change from an undergraduate to a graduate student?

While you will enroll in graduate courses during your senior year, you are still considered an undergraduate student during this time. You will become a graduate student once you have completed all requirements to receive your bachelor’s degree and are only taking graduate courses. Once you have received your bachelor’s degree, your status at Chapman will change to graduate student.

How and when will my tuition and/or financial aid change?

Your tuition and financial aid will remain the same until you change from undergraduate to graduate student. Once you are considered a graduate student only taking graduate classes, your tuition and financial aid will be recalculated to match your graduate program and status.

For additional questions, contact the Graduate Financial Aid Office at gradfinaid@chapman.edu or (714) 628-2730.

What is the difference between Accelerated and Bridge programs?

Accelerated programs allow current Chapman undergraduate students to take up to 12 credits of graduate coursework while still enrolled in their undergraduate program. Bridge programs do not allow undergraduate students to take graduate coursework during their undergraduate program.

Bridge programs guarantee highly qualified Health Science undergraduate students at Chapman University admission or an interview and preferential consideration for admission depending on the graduate program. Visit the Bridge Programs website for more information.

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