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Graduate Admission

Financial Aid and Funding

» Financial Aid and Funding

There are a number of ways to fund your graduate education, including scholarships and student work. See some of the options available to you below. 

Fellowships, Endowments, and Scholarships

Chapman fellowships, scholarships and assistantships are awarded by individual graduate programs. Most programs will not require a separate application to be considered for a program-specific fellowship. However, be sure to check with your individual program about specific requirements. In general, program specific awards are awarded with your admission decision.

More On Fellowships, Endowments, and Scholarships


Federal and Private loans are available for graduate students:

Federal Loans (available to U.S. citizens only)

Private Loans

Funding Opportunities by Program

Want to see which types of financial aid are available for specific grad programs? Check out this comprehensive list.

Student Employment

On campus jobs are an ideal way for students to work an earn money while enrolled in a graduate program. Having a job on campus means your work will be:

  • Convenient: You come to campus for class anyway. If you work on campus as well, you won’t have to commute to your job.
  • Worthwhile: Many jobs that you can get as a grad student will give you academic credit. This means that while you’re working and learning, you will also be getting closer to earning your degree.
  • Related to your field: It’s not a guarantee, but many grad students find on-campus jobs related to their degree, such as lab work, assistantships and more.

On-campus jobs that you can get as a grad student at Chapman include:

Non-Academic Jobs

Students can work on campus in non-academic capacities, and through federal work-study positions. A list of open student jobs can be found on the Student Employment Services webpage.

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study is a program provided by the federal government. It helps you find work on or around campus to help fund your education.

If you qualify for Federal Work-Study, you will have access to specially designated jobs on or around campus. These jobs are subsidized by the federal government, making them easier to get than other jobs.

Eligibility for the Federal-Work Study program is based on financial need. Signing up is as simple as indicating your interest on your FAFSA. When you get your financial aid package, it will tell you whether or not you’ve qualified for the program.

Tutoring and Writing Center Jobs

Chapman has two on-campus tutoring centers that you can work at:

Both offer online tutoring services as well, so you may even be able to work from home.

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