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Health and Wellness

» Health and Wellness

Doing well academically, excelling at extracurriculars, taking part in clubs — if all of these seem important, it’s because they are.

But even more important is your health. After all, you can’t ace your classes if you’re not healthy.

At Chapman, you’ll never have to tackle your health and wellness alone. You will have resources to help you lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain your well-being through college and beyond.

Mental Health

From support groups to peer counseling and much more, you’ll have on-campus support for your mental health, no stigma involved. Learn more about mental health resources on our Mental Health Resources page.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual support and a positive community are available at our Fish Interfaith Center. We’re here to help you discover or deepen awareness and mindfulness whether spiritual or secular. You can learn more on the Fish Interfaith Center website.

Physical Health

You’ll have access to fitness centers and our Student Health Center. That means you’ll have a gym, clinic and pharmacy right around the corner wherever you are.

Social Health

A strong social network means friends you can trust and peers you can depend on. With many opportunities to get involved in student life here at Chapman, you’ll have plenty of chances to connect in college.

Financial Health

Don’t let the thought of personal finance daunt you. We’ll help you reduce financial stress and plan for the future with personalized financial education.

Environmental Wellness

Valuing and taking care of our global environment starts at the personal level. That’s why we offer plenty of opportunities to learn about the environment and sustainability and get involved.

Intellectual Wellness

College is all about learning new things, keeping an open mind and challenging yourself intellectually. No matter your major at Chapman, you’ll be able to do just that with research, lab work and all types of academic projects.

Take a Look Around the Fish Interfaith Center

Use our 360-degree tour to see more of our Fish Interfaith Center and learn more about spiritual health from one of our students.

Launch Fish Interfaith Center

Ask a Student

Still have questions about the Chapman experience? Our student ambassadors are here to help. Feel free to reach out!

Current Students

If you are a current Chapman student looking to learn more about health and wellness, visit the page for current students.

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