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Medical Pathways

» Medical Pathways

Chapman can be a great place to find your path to a medical career. What’s probably most important to know is that there are countless options in the field: you could become a practicing medical professional, a researcher or a teacher (or much more). 

We’ll help you discover which option is right for you and prepare you for success post-graduation.

Pre-Med and Pre-Health Program

Our Pre-Med and Pre-Health Program is open to all undergraduate students looking to enter a professional school (including medical, dental, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry, veterinary, physical therapy, occupational therapy and nursing school).

The Pre-Med and Pre-Health Program is not a major — but it will help you find what you want to do in the medical professions. And if you already know what you want to do, it will help you get there.

In the program, you’ll:

  • Get specific advising and plan out your classes for all four years
  • Join clubs that will help you get real experience (and maybe a job)
  • Find research opportunities and places to volunteer
  • Prepare for professional school with mock applications/interviews
Erin Nolte ‘20
Getting Involved
Erin didn't know whether she would get the experience to make it to medical school. But after taking advantage of leadership and research opportunities at Chapman, she's on the right path

Research Opportunities

Conducting research will help you find out what you’re interested in and gain valuable experience. That’s why we make it easy for our science to get involved.

One great place to get started is by joining a faculty member’s research lab. You can find several options and feel free to reach out to a faculty member if you're interested in their project.

Crean College Research and Labs

Research health and behavioral sciences in these modern labs.

Schmid College Research Labs

Get involved in the latest science and tech research.
Harmanpreet Bhatti ‘17
Biological Sciences Major
Harmanpreet planned on going into forensic medicine or pathology. But after joining a faculty-led research project, she picked another path.

Science Majors at Chapman

If you're interested in a medical profession, we recommend a major from one of our science-focused colleges. These majors will provide a solid foundation to prepare you for a career in the medical field:

Integrated Graduate Programs

Through an integrated graduate program, you can earn an undergraduate and master’s degree with just one additional year of coursework beyond the traditional four years.

Many of these programs could be an ideal next step for those interested in a medical career, including:

While not an accelerated program, the Pre-Pharmacy Program allows incoming first-year students the opportunity to earn a Pharm.D. in five years.

Bridge, Linkage and Articulation Programs

Crean College offers multiple programs that guarantee excellent Health Science students an early, guaranteed admission in a master or doctoral degree program.

Rachel Isaacs ‘18 (M.S. ‘19)
B.S. in Biological Sciences and M.S. in Food Science
Rachel earned her M.S. in Food Science in an accelerated program and is now on her path to becoming a physician.

Medical and Science Clubs

Chapman has plenty of clubs that can help you on your path to a medical career. Check out these clubs for volunteer opportunities, career events and the chance to meet students with similar interests/goals:


Ask a Student

Have questions about being a Chapman student? Our student ambassadors are here to talk about their time at the university. Feel free to reach out!

Current and Incoming Students

If you’re a current or incoming student and looking to join the program, visit our Pre-Med and Pre-Health Program Advising Page.

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