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Undergraduate Programs

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Bachelor's Degrees

Biochemistry student at Chapman University

B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Become a biochemist or biomedical scientist... or get prepared for professional school!
Biology student at Chapman University

B.S. in Biological Sciences

Learn to think like a scientist and get hands-on experience in biology, health and the environment.
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B.S. in Chemistry

Tackle ongoing problems like climate change and fuel production as you study the substances that make up the world.
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B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy

Build a sustainable future as you put environmental science into practice and work alongside policymakers.
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B.S. in Mathematics

Think critically, solve problems and master cutting-edge mathematics.
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B.S. in Mathematics and B.S. Civil Engineering

Learn theory and apply it to fields like hydrology and structural engineering.
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B.S. in Physics

Study the nature of reality and get real research experience.


A minor is an additional academic discipline that you can study in addition to your major. Broaden your horizons with a minor in the sciences!

Accelerated (4+1) Programs

Accelerated programs are 5-year programs that let you earn your bachelor’s degree (undergrad degree) and master’s degree (graduate degree) at the same time.

In years 1–3, you’ll focus on undergrad classes. In year 4, you’ll take both undergrad and graduate classes. And in year 5, you’ll finish your graduate classes and earn your master’s degree.

student working with a notebook and a laptop

M.S. in Computational and Data Sciences

Leverage powerful data to solve real-world problems.
9th Annual Chapman Food Industry Networking Night

M.S. in Food Science

Shape the future of nutritious, sustainable food.

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Grand Challenges Initiative

GCI students at Chapman University

GCI is a unique two-year research project that is part of the curriculum for all incoming first-year students in Schmid College.

Keck Center for Science & Engineering

Keck Center at Chapman University

The Keck Center is the home of Schmid College and where you will take classes, research and collaborate.