» Chapman University in Collaboration with the CA Dairy Innovation Center Presents:

Coffee, Tea, and Creamers:
The Science and Art of Milk in Beverages

January 16-17, 2024


Participants in the Coffee, Tea, and Creamers workshop at Chapman University.

A practical workshop for entrepreneurs, processors, coffee shop and food and beverage industry professionals.

Experts will share the tricks and tips of formulating coffee and tea beverages with milk, and processing ready-to-drink refrigerated, aseptic and shelf-stable products. The course features hands-on activities and demonstrations, extensive Q&A time with formulation experts and will benefit entrepreneurs, students, and industry professionals in R&D, production, marketing, and QA in the food processing, food service and distribution sectors.

A program of the Dairy Business Innovation Initiative Pacific Coast Coalition funded by USDA-AMS, in collaboration with the CA Milk Advisory Board

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the various coffee and tea products trending globally
  • Understand how brewing techniques impact coffee flavor
  • Discover the various types of milk and milk ingredients available and learn to optimize their performance in a variety of fresh, RTM, and RTD tea and coffee beverages
  • Understand the factors important for shelf-life and stability of dairy-based beverages
  • Optimize formulations by understanding the differences between coffee essences, concentrates, and single-strength coffee extracts
  • Understand the role of various ingredients used to stabilize dairy based coffee and tea beverages
  • Analyze the interactions of dairy ingredients with flavors and sweeteners
  • Evaluate the various processing methods that assure food safety and shelf-life, and optimize quality

Registration fees

General registration: $600 ($650 after December 1)
Academics & Coffee Shop Personnel: $300 (Promo Code needed-contact us to request)
Students: $75 (Promo Code needed for non-Chapman students-contact us to request)

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