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» Master of Science in Computational and Data Sciences

Computational Science is the art of creating, developing, and validating models in order to gain a profound understanding of real-life complex problems. Data Science is the art of generating insight, knowledge, and predictions by applying modern methods to large datasets. In Chapman University’s Master of Science in Computational and Data Sciences program, you work with nationally and internationally renowned faculty as you develop and apply statistical, machine learning and AI approaches to solve some of society’s most pressing problems. Learn at the cutting edge of innovation in diverse fields such as medicine and epidemiology, climate and Earth hazards, big data and high-performance computing, drug design, genetics, natural language processing, bioinformatics and biotechnology, economics, and sports analytics.

Employment and Future Opportunities

In our tech-driven world, employers are increasingly recognizing the value of data science professionals. According to U.S. News and World Report, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 35.8% employment growth for data scientists between 2021 and 2031. In this period, an estimated 40,500 jobs should open up.  

Chapman’s graduate program in computational and data sciences will help you find your place in this ever-growing field. Upon graduation, you will be greeted with a wide and diverse range of career options. 

Our Students and Alumni

Graduates of the MS in Computational and Data Sciences from Chapman have found career success in roles such as: 

  • Director of Data Science Research at CHOC 
  • Data Scientists at USC, UCSD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
  • Data Scientists at Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, Orange County Health Services, Vital Data Technology 
  • Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Universal 
  • Senior Data Scientist at GDIT 

Our alumni have also gone on to work in a variety of industries, such as: 

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
  • Higher Education Institutions 
  • Healthcare 
  • Entertainment Industry 
  • Government Agencies
  • Large tech Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo.

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Cyril Rakovski, Ph.D.
Co-Program Director
(714) 997-6945

Adrian Vajiac, Ph.D.
Co-Program Director
(714) 997-6898

Matthew Martinez, MFA
Graduate Program Coordinator
(714) 997-6993

Monica Chen, MA
Associate Director of International Initiatives, DSO
(714) 289-3590

Graduate Financial Aid
(714) 628-2730

Application Deadlines

Regular Deadline: March 15, 2024

CADS MS Integrated Deadline: April 30, 2024

Applications submitted after the deadline will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

Featured Faculty

Dr. Joshua Fisher

Dr. Joshua B. Fisher is a Climate Scientist focusing on terrestrial ecosystems, water, carbon, and nutrient cycling using a combination of remote sensing, supercomputer models, and field campaigns from the Amazon to the Arctic. He completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees from UC Berkeley and his postdoctoral work from the University of Oxford. Dr. Fisher was a NASA Scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for over a decade and the founding Science Lead for the ECOSTRESS mission on the International Space Station. Dr. Fisher is now the Science Lead for Hydrosat and Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Policy at Chapman University. With over 200 publications, Dr. Fisher has been named one of the world’s “most influential” researchers, in the top 0.1% of scientists with papers in the top 1% by citations for the past 5 years in a row.