Dr. M. Andrew Moshier

Dr. M. Andrew Moshier

Professor, Dean of the School of Communication
Director, Center of Excellence in Computation, Algebra & Topology
Schmid College of Science and Technology; Mathematics
School of Communication; Communication Studies
Office Location: Keck Center for Science and Engineering 366
Phone: (714) 997-6628
Scholarly Works:
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California State University, Fullerton, Bachelor of Science
University of Michigan, Master of Science
University of Michigan, Ph.D.



  • Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of Michigan, August 1988.
  • M.S. in Computer Science at University of Michigan, December 1984.
  • BS in Computer Science at California State University, Fullerton, May 1983.

Academic Experience

  • Professor, Computer Science and Mathematics. Chapman University. September 1994-present.
  • Chair of Dept. of Math and Computer Science, Jan 1997-Aug 2006.
  • Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter (research faculty member) Computerlinguistik, Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany. June 1992 - May 1994.
  • Visiting Assistant Professor at University of California, Los Angeles in the Program in Computing, Department of Mathematics. July 1988 - June 1992.
  • Teaching Assistant at University of Michigan in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. January 1985 - May 1988.
  • Research Assistant at University of Michigan. September 1983 - December 1986. Lecturer at California State University, Fullerton in the Computer Science Department. July 1983 - August 1983.

Related Professional Experience

  • Research consultant for Ayres-Sowell Associates and the Energy Simulation Group at Lawrence Berkeley Labs. June 1988 - present. Involved in design and implementation of SPARK, an object-oriented continuous simulation language. Major accomplishments: developed an optimization strategy for decomposing a system of equations into independently soluble subsystems.
  • Programmer. Various software companies. July 1981 - August 1986. Highlights: Designed and implemented PsyChart, a CAD tool for mechanical engineers, regarded by its distributor as an outstanding program for its longevity and maintainability (on the market for over fifteen years); implemented graphics drivers for Auto CAD; designed and implemented pre-Windows graphical user interfaces for DOS; implemented RSA-based encryption software for PC security.

Patent Pending

January 2010
Moshier, M.A. and J. Furlong, "A Faster, Scalable Method and Apparatus for
Montgomery Multiplication," USPTO Application 11/277,758, March 2006.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

Ball, R.N., Moshier, M.A. & Pultr, A. Exact Filters and Joins of Closed Sublocales. Appl Categor Struct 28, 655–667 (2020).
Moshier, M.A., Pultr, A. & Suarez, A.L. Exact and Strongly Exact Filters. Appl Categor Struct (2020).
Jipsen, P., Liang, F., Moshier, M. A., Tzimoulis, A. (2017) Partially-ordered multi-type algebras, display calculi and the category of weakening relations. Proceedings of LATD 2018.
Moshier, M.A. Frames and Frame Relations. In Workshop on Algebra, Logic and Topology, Coimbra, Portugal Sep. 2019.
G. Greco, F. Liang, M.A..Moshier, and A. Palmigiano, "Multi-type Display Calculus for Semi De Morgan Logic" in Proceedings of 24th International Workshop, WoLLIC 2017, London, UK, July 18-21, 2017. Springer
R.N. Ball, M. A. Moshier, J.L. Walters-Wayland & A. Pultr, "Lindelöf tightness and the Dedekind-MacNeille completion of a regular s-frame" Quaestiones Mathematicae Vol. 40 , Iss. 3, April 2017, Pages 347--362.
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Battachargee, P, Moshier, M. A. and Wayland, J. "Rigid frame maps and Booleanization", Topology and its Applications, Volume 194, October 2015, Pages 400-408.
P. Jipsen and M. A. Moshier, Concurrent Kleene algebra with tests and branching automata, Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming, Volume 85, Issue 4, June 2016, Pages 637–652.
M. Moshier and P. Jipsen, “Duality and Lattice Expansions Part I: A Topological Construction of Canonical Extensions" Algebra Universalis, April 2014, Volume 71, Issue 2, pp 109-126
M. Moshier and P. Jipsen, “Duality and Lattice Expansions Part II: Lattice Expansions with Quasioperators" Algebra Universalis, May 2014, Volume 71, Issue 3, pp 221-234
Organized the Oxford Workshop on Duality Theory in June 2012. I worked as a co-organizer with Prof. Hilary Priestley and Dr. Leo Cabrera.
Organized Special Session on Computation on Continuous Data at the Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics Conference, Bath UK, June 2012